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Beautiful navel in girls (photo of piercing)

The navel in girls since ancient times was considered one of the most attractive and seductive places on the body. At the same time they tried to decorate it in addition. So there was a piercing. Europeans began to decorate this area relatively recently. However, to date, a pierced navel in girls is quite common. And the popularity of such an ornament is directly proportional to its originality and at the same time simplicity.

Most often, the piercing is a vertical puncture of the upper part of the navel's skin. Though quite often recently several punctures are used at once. It depends on the preference, courage and endurance of the girl. Puncture is performed with a conical needle. The procedure lasts about five to ten seconds. Further from you only correct maintenance of the puncture site is required.

Navel in girls - a beautiful and aesthetic place for piercing

So, let's talk in more detail. Navel in girls is not in vain considered the most beautiful and aesthetic place for piercing. The history of such decoration of the female body goes back to ancient Egypt. Then in this way the priests showed their high position in the social order and significance. To date, the procedure is a way to draw attention to one of the most seductive points on the body. Indeed, piercings look very nice and stylish. The main thing is to treat the puncture site very carefully and carefully.

Great responsibility

Most often, the navel of the girls is pierced at the top of the base. Do not be surprised that during the first week after the procedure, the operated place may get a little sore. Therefore, it is not recommended to bend over again. The wound completely heals in about three months, although it may take longer - up to one year. Everything depends on the individual characteristics of the body and the immunity of the hostess.

While wearing earrings, the navel is sometimes inflamed. And this can lead to various unpleasant consequences. Because of this, the girls refuse to wear this accessory. However, do not forget that in the event that you still picked up an infection, do not take out the jewelry for anything. Otherwise, the puncture site may become foul. In a word, navel piercing requires maximum responsibility. Do not forget about the treatment and disinfection of the wound.

Possible complications

In general, if the girl has pierced the navel, she should be ready for various not very pleasant consequences. The most dangerous thing that can occur in an unscrupulous salon is the opportunity to pick up an infection. Unfortunately, most of these establishments are not regulated by anyone. Therefore, even the most basic security rules are not observed there.

Despite the fact that in some salons at first glance everything looks very decent, you should not be firmly confident that this is really so. To distinguish implantation titanium from surgical steel or silver is difficult. And in a fresh puncture such metals can not be put. "For the sake of easy gain", it happens, salons use this method. Medical steel is designed for the manufacture of surgical instruments. But to wear it in a human body, it is not intended. If this happens, your wound will heal not three months or even a year, but much longer. Moreover, it can not heal at all.

The classic form of decoration is the banana. However, not everyone can afford it. If an inexperienced master pierces the navel too close to the edge of the skin or puts the "banana" where it can not take root, you will not realize this immediately. But just a few months (or years), the decoration will hang terribly on a thin strip of epidermis, left from the puncture. Then he can come off.

Decoration should be a decoration

Photo of the navels of girls after the puncture does not always look very beautiful. Many customers of salons face such situations, in which they are convinced that it is necessary to put a special earring from the very beginning. Looks like accessories, as a rule, too cumbersome, cheap and ugly. But they ostensibly need to be put in order for everything to heal. In fact, this is not true.

To date, there are really quality beautiful and stylish jewelry, in a fresh piercing that can be set without fear. They will not look cheap. However, the cost of such accessories is considerable. That is why many salons can not afford their purchase. As a result, the client has to wear a dowry of a dubious kind.

How does the procedure work?

Girls with navel piercing really look very bright and stylish. Deciding to decorate your body, they should be ready for this procedure, to know what stages it consists of. To begin with, the master carefully examines the structure and shape of the navel. Perhaps the piercing to the client is contraindicated. Next, the master offers the girl jewelry, which will suit it in her case. The specialist should advise the client about what can be done after the puncture, and what can not. For example, sports, swimming in pools and open water, visits to solariums and saunas are strictly prohibited. In addition, the master is interested in the girl nuances of her health, which can have a negative effect on wound healing.

The decoration is sterilized along with the marking tool, gloves, needle and gauze napkins in the autoclave. After that, the master wipes the navel with a special disinfectant scrub, puts sterile markings on the puncture site and makes it with a sterile needle. Decoration is inserted immediately, and a puncture is applied to the puncture site. The procedure is virtually painless. In each salon, the procedures, of course, may differ slightly from each other. However, the closer the process to the above, the better for you. Anesthesia is undesirable. On pain, it is much stronger than the piercing. Moreover, it can lead to anaphylactic shock.

Anatomy is important

Of course, the anatomy of the girl's body is also important for piercing. Classical piercing is not suitable for everyone. For example, if you do not have a fold on top, which you can pierce, you should abandon the classics. The low belly button of the girl does not allow her to put an ordinary "banana". He will not get accustomed. In this case, an upper puncture is required. In general, it all depends on your body.

And when you are pregnant?

A beautiful navel in girls is one of their virtues. However, how to keep the puncture after pregnancy? During this period the tissues will noticeably stretch, microcracks are formed. They quickly appear fibroblasts. This is the same substance, because of which stretch marks are formed. As a result, a puncture, even if you save it, it will not look beautiful after the birth. In addition, he can also move out. In principle, remove the earring closer to delivery will have all the same. Therefore, as soon as the piercing becomes small, discard it. A new puncture can be done after childbirth. And in the same place.

Choose a good master

Pay attention to highly qualified specialists, if you decide to do navel piercing. Photos of girls in their catalogs will allow you to estimate in advance the expected final result. Be sure to clarify the issue of sterilization in your chosen institution. Ultraviolet, dry and quartz sterilizers that kill the hepatitis and HIV virus do not exist. In a good salon, only a vacuum autoclave should be used, sterilizing instruments for fifteen minutes.

Ask what the master does piercing, from what material the jewelry is made. What is used in the product: nickel-free gold or implantation titanium? Remember that the puncture is done with special needles. In no case do not contact the salons, where customers are offered to make a piercing gun. It is impossible to sterilize it. If at least one of the previous clients has been infected, everyone who applied here after him, too, can get sick.

Well, and, of course, pay attention to the salon itself. The room should be uncool, light and clean. Ideally, if the inventory, equipment and treatment room are kept in perfect purity. There must also be diplomas and certificates of a specialist-piercer. In a word, you want to decorate your navel - follow the recommendations! Good luck!

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