Atrium shopping center in Moscow: reviews and detailed information on shops

The Atrium shopping center is one of Moscow's major leisure and retail centers. Its grand opening took place in 2002. The very construction of the complex was the implementation of a large international project, which embodied the experience of the world's best architects, builders and designers.

The specialists of GUP "Mosproekt-2", ZAO "Engeocom", as well as the American company Altoon + Porter Architects worked on the implementation of the plan. Today, the Atrium shopping center (Moscow) is a popular place not only for residents, but also for the guests of the capital. Every day, on weekdays, the complex is visited by up to sixty thousand people. At the weekend, this figure reaches one hundred thousand. The complex is currently managed by INGEOKOM-Management.


TC "Atrium", whose address Zemlyanoi Val, 33, is built in the heart of the Russian capital. It is located directly on the Garden Ring. If you decide to visit the Atrium shopping center, how do you get to it? It will not be very difficult.

In two minutes walk from the shopping center "Atrium" there are two metro stations - Chkalovskaya and Kurskaya. There is a pedestrian overground crossing. It unites the complex with the nearby Kursk railway station. There is parking near the Atrium shopping center. This is an underground structure designed to accommodate seven hundred cars.


The shopping center "Atrium" allows guests with disabilities and a small mobile group to feel comfortable on its territory. On any of its floors you can easily get by using a spacious elevator. From the parking in the direction of the general zone works travelator. It allows you to move comfortably to visitors who are in special means. Most buyers leave only positive reviews about the complex. TC "Atrium" was awarded the prestigious award "City for All".


Atrium (Moscow), unlike many shopping centers of the capital, presents to buyers a large number of brands that have started their promotion in Russia. The first Uniqlo store was opened on the territory of the complex, which sells Japanese denim at bargain prices. It was in the Atrium shopping center that they began selling Italian clothes of the Sia brand. For the first time in Russia appeared in this complex and American cosmetics Kiehl's, etc.

The area of the complex is 103 500 square meters, which is very modest for the capital. That is why there are no flagships in the shopping center - the biggest brand shops that sell rare lines and have a wide range. But on the territory of the complex there are trade points of almost all popular brands related to the mass market. This is Topshop and H & M, Uniqlo and Zara.

In the shopping center "Atrium" lease contracts, as a rule, are signed immediately for five years. In this regard, it is not worthwhile to count on frequent discoveries here.

Accommodation of tenants on the ground floor

The first floor of the complex "Atrium" meets its customers with cosmetic shops "Riv Gosh" and "L'Etoile". A little further is "Il De Bote".

Nearby shops TopShop, H & M, Levi's and Michael Kors. Here, on the first floor, there is a huge store called "Wild Orchid", which sells underwear. In the complex for the first time in Russia was opened the outlet of the American brand Bath & Body Works. Its products are fragrances designed for body care, as well as fragrances used in the home. There are two equipment stores on the first floor of the complex. They sell products of famous Samsung firms and re: Store. After a pleasant shopping, visitors are invited to relax and drink coffee Aroma Café and Starbucks.

Accommodation of tenants on the second floor

Here are the sports stores of the brands Adidas, Reebok and Puma. "Casual" goods are traded Timberland, Marc O'Polo, Converse, GAP, Chevignon, Zara. On the second floor there is also a majority of shoe stores. They represent such brands as Via Italia, Ecco, Fabi and No One. Find on this floor you can and classic men's clothing Lady & Gentleman City and BML Munchen.

Accommodation of tenants on the third and fourth floors

Most of the square here is given to a multi-screen cinema, part of the Karo Film network, and a food court.

On the third floor, visitors are greeted with restaurants, as well as Una Bar, Two Wands, Lafe and Movenpick. Here, buyers can visit the numerous shops that sell clothes. These include: JS Selected and Stradivarius, Pull & Bear and Adidas Originals. On the third floor there is also Zara. This outlet is the largest in the shopping center "Atrium" and is located on two floors. At the last level there is a cinema and part of the food court.


The complex invites its visitors to the big grocery store "Green Perekrestok", where you can buy products not only from everyday demand, but also delicacies brought from different countries of the world. It is located on the ground floor. At the same level, the children's theater Kurazh is also located. On his stage on the weekends are free interactive performances. In this shopping center there is a dry cleaning, atelier and shoe repair, that is the most necessary services.

Near the entrance to the underground parking there is a car wash. The fitness center "Atrium", which includes spacious changing rooms and massage parlors, is also a good place for visitors.


Visitors to the shopping center "Atrium" aspire here not only for shopping. In the complex you can perfectly spend your day off and celebrate any holiday. On each floor of the shopping center there are cafes and restaurants, where you can not only have a snack, but also have a full dinner. With the arrival of a warm pore on the roof of the shopping center, the summer verandas open . Here are open restaurants and cafes, offering visitors dishes of the most popular cuisines in the world.

The food court of the shopping center includes a traditional set of components present in any major shopping center. There are places with inexpensive burgers, and also offering pizza, salads, sandwiches, etc. In "Teremka" guests will be offered pancakes with a variety of fillings. In addition, there are many fast food operators in the food court, which will allow visitors to have a tasty snack without spending a lot of time on it.


Earthen Val, 33 - TC "Atrium" - invites to visit the fans of cinematography. The cinema, in which films are shown, is equipped with nine rooms. Of these, two belong to the VIP category. The same number of rooms has equipment that allows you to watch movies in 3D.

The cinema center "Atrium" refers to the network "Karo Film". Its halls can accommodate from thirty-two to two hundred and seventy-two people. Visitors can spend time in a cafe and movie bar. There is also a play area for children. The cinema demonstrates the latest blockbusters and offers its guests profitable discounts.

Protection of the environment

The Atrium shopping center is distinguished by its eco-programs. On the territory of the complex there are urns for separate collection of garbage. In honor of this, a 13-meter-tall man assembled from simple plastic bags was installed in the shopping center.


The shopping center "Atrium" is located in close proximity to the center of the capital and one of its train stations. Due to this the complex is visited by a large number of buyers.

One of the advantages of the shopping center is the presence of the flagships of the mass market in one place. Opening a new store on the territory of the complex will certainly mean the arrival of a new brand on the Russian market.

The major shopping center of the northern capital

"Nevsky Atrium" - TC, which is rightfully proud of St. Petersburg. The authors of his project were awarded prizes and prizes in the field of architecture. The shopping complex itself is the history of the city, wrapped in modern packaging. Moreover, it has a beautiful name and a convenient location.

"Nevsky Atrium" is located on the main street of St. Petersburg - Nevsky Prospekt. This area is loved by the inhabitants of the northern capital. There is a large number of different shops, clubs, restaurants, cinemas and theaters. All these establishments allow not only to make the necessary purchases, but also to have a great time.

One of the advantages of the shopping center "Nevsky Atrium" is that directly in the building where it is located, is the lobby of the metro station. Visitors to the complex do not even need to go out. The station of "Mayakovsky", which is located in the building of the shopping center, misses eight hundred thousand passengers per day. This allows us to conclude that the complex is very popular.

Passing inside the complex, visitors immediately notice the glass dome and unusual lighting. Pleasant and daylight does not irritate the eyes.

In order to allow visitors to climb to the upper floors of the complex, it employs escalators and two large-scale panoramic elevators. The attention of visitors is attracted by a sculptural composition called "The Hand of David". It is believed that someone who touches this hand will find good luck in life. This composition is located near an unusual fountain in the center of the complex.

The assortment of goods offered by the shops of the shopping center "Nevsky Atrium" is striking in its variety. Here you can buy almost any thing, from scarves Pavlovsky Posad to dresses store Karen Millen. Buyers are offered shoes, underwear, outerwear, cosmetics, jewelry, etc. These goods are sold by stores selling well-known brands. Among them: Gerry Weber, Levi's, Naf Naf, JS Casual and many others. In the complex is a large network store "Rive Gauche", which sells cosmetics and perfumes.

To accept and tasty feed the guests offers the restaurant "Nevsky". Guests can relax at the Cafe "Pizza Brazil" and "Monsieur Patissie". There is another restaurant in the shopping center "Nevsky Atrium" - "Atrium". The territory of this institution is divided into two halls. In one of them there is a restaurant, and in the other there is a cocktail bar. The interior design of the institution is interesting. Its decoration is made in classical style. It can be seen literally in everything - in columns and furniture, curtains and light colors. The menu offered to visitors includes dishes of two cuisines. One of them is European, and the second one is Italian. Visitors can choose carpaccio and various seafood dishes, salads, pastas and many other dishes. Atrium Restaurant often hosts weddings and banquets, birthdays, and other celebrations.

In addition to shops in the complex is a business center. Its comfortable offices are on the upper floors.

This shopping center is also good because there is a large entertainment zone on its territory. Its visitors can have a great time with friends or family. There is a playground, a slot machine and an Internet cafe.

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