Yalta: reviews, climate and hotels

In the very south of the Crimea is unique in all senses the city of Yalta. And his story began as a resort in 1838, when the famous climatologists Botkin and Dmitriev recommended him to rest the royal family. And, as a result, after the imperial family went to Yalta and the noble family. For them, by order, palaces and estates with large park areas were built.

All this is now the cultural heritage of the Big Yalta. But all this would not have happened, if not for the unique climate of the city of Yalta. Reviews of always good weather and made it one of the best resorts in the world. A mild Mediterranean climate contributes to a long summer and a warm winter. Sunny days are 15% more than in Nice. But at the same time in Yalta not so high humidity, and the summer heat is much easier to carry.

All, without exception, doctors recommend visiting Yalta sick with lung diseases, including tuberculosis, and suffering from nervous disorders. Since the XIX century, these recommendations quickly made a fashionable resort once the fishing village of Yalta. The reviews already attracted her more and more nobles for recreation.

In the vicinity of Yalta there were palaces, which today constitute the world's cultural heritage. This Livadia, Vorontsovsky, Massandra and Yusupov palaces. Their walls remember many prominent historical figures. It was for the reception of foreign delegations during the Great Patriotic War that Yalta was chosen. Reviews, and the most positive, left in their memoirs, and Churchill, and Roosevelt.

And this is not an accident. Even today, Yalta is not deprived of its aristocratic plaque. Winding streets, a historic embankment and a mixture of different architectural styles attract tourists from all over the world. Annually in Yalta, rests more than a million inhabitants. All this contributes to the development of infrastructure and the emergence of new hotels and the restoration of old ones.

The most prestigious hotels for recreation in Yalta are the hotel Oreanda and the hotel Yalta-Intourist. Oreanda is not only the oldest hotel in Yalta, but also the only four-star hotel in the city. In addition, it is also located in the heart of the waterfront. But comfort also has a downside. This is also one of the most expensive hotels in the city. The other hotel mentioned above is located on the outskirts, but not far from the Nikitsky Botanical Garden and has its own dolphinarium and an Olympic pool. Value in the city of Yalta "prices / reviews" often does not meet the formula "the more you pay, the better the service." You can find a less prestigious hotel with an acceptable price and with good service.

But for most holiday-makers, the living conditions are often not at all important, since they primarily come for the im- pressions from nature and cultural monuments. For many people for a few days, Crimea, Yalta becomes the address of residence. Reviews of these tourists contain more information about trips, and not about hotels. Warm nights allow you to live even just on the beach in a tent.

Regardless of the chosen route and the mobility of the tourist, Yalta is so rich in monuments that even without leaving the embankment, one can find every day a new place to visit. Probably, that's why the city you want to return to is Yalta! The reviews of most tourists about it are excellent, and the impressions are indelible.

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