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Fluffy Friends - Maine Coons

Choosing a pet is difficult to determine and make your choice. Priorities for all are different, but mostly choose between cats and dogs. Those who are difficult to make a choice, you can stay on the Maine Coon cats. These are affectionate, good-natured creatures, but in size far superior to their feline relatives. An adult male can reach a weight of 16 kg, and with castration and more. This is the weight of small dogs, but nevertheless, in the house - a cat.

Maine Coons are quite expensive and elite breed. Three-month kittens cost about 1000 dollars, nevertheless these cats are very beautiful by themselves. Long hair, chiseled muzzle, powerful paws, long fluffy tail and tassels on the ears - maine coons one can not but admire. Cats of this breed grow and gain weight up to 3-4 years. Up to this age they are considered children. The kuna can live up to 20 years. Adult females can weigh up to 7-8 kg, males up to 14-16 and more with body length from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail more than a meter.

Despite their considerable weight, they eat a little more than ordinary cats, they do not need special food or special care, unlike Persian and other long-haired breeds. Maine Coon breeders are advised to feed animals with natural fresh food, not dry food. Nevertheless, dry cat food is also eaten.

The nature of these cats affectionate, calm and non-conflict. Several cats live together peacefully, except for mating periods, when males fight for territory and females, and girls protect their kittens. In the rest of the time - it's playful kittens, even if in the old age maine coons do not stop playing and having fun.

The Kuns are afraid of enclosed spaces, so they do not climb under the sofas and behind the cupboards. It's hard for them to go to the vet in the baskets. Since cats are large and naturally freedom-loving, they need a large area. In a small apartment, the kuns will be bored and cramped. But if there is a scratching, the furniture will be untouched.

Maine coons get used to their family, are given to their hands, playful with children, but treat strangers and strangers with great care. Representatives of the breed are very easily amenable to easy training: they can respond to the voice, bring toys. But most of all from other breeds of kuns is distinguished by the manner of conversation. From them you do not hear the usual cat-like meowing and murring, the Maine-Coons publish an average sound between "meow" and "mur", more like a happy growl of dogs.

Maine Coon will become not just a pet in the house, it will be a full-fledged and full member of the family. Everyone who has decided to make himself these gentle cats, Maine Coons will present their love, good nature and affection.

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