Air Jack: features of use

A jack is a tool that is useful to a motorist at any time of the year. Mechanisms are used to lift the machine if necessary to change the wheel, pull the machine out of a drift or dirt. With a jack, you can easily lift the car without any effort, and you do not need to be a bodybuilder. The jacks come in different types, each person chooses the necessary lifting capacity and the force applied to the lever. The mechanism requires proper handling, because with careless or inept actions, you can simply drop the machine. Devices are divided into screw, rack, hydraulic, rhombic. And there is also an air jack.

Device Features

Usual jacks are used only if the car stands on some hard surface. The jack-air cushion will help to pull out the transport if it is stuck in the mud, tied up in the sand or in the snow. This is what distinguishes it from the traditional mechanisms that are familiar to us. Air cushion is designed for lifting weights up to 3 tons.

The air jack is a pillow that is put under the transport in any place where the car is stuck. The tank is supplied with air, while it rises to a height of 60-70 cm. According to the principle of operation, the air jack differs from its mechanical counterparts. Classic should be twisted by hand or kicked, this works from the exhaust pipe. To the exhaust, a special hose is connected, through which the reservoir is inflated. It only takes one minute to fully fill. Such a thing will become an indispensable helper for those who like to rest in nature or often go off-road.


Air jacks are used not only for cars. The scope of their application is much broader. They are used in the mining industry, during rescue operations, in the earthquake zone, on the railway. This jack is used not only for lifting or unlocking cars. In addition to lifting, it can squeeze out, split, press, etc. It differs by its noiselessness and heavy lifting capacity, fast lifting time.

There are many models with different characteristics. The size range is from P1 to P68.

Technical characteristics of the jack P1:

  1. The area is 15 x 15 cm.
  2. Thickness - 25 mm.
  3. Lifting force - 1 ton.
  4. The maximum lifting height is 75 mm.
  5. The greatest pressure is 8 bar.
  6. Weight - 0.68 kg.

In a set with a jack there is a hose with two pressure regulation sensors, it is designed to connect a jack on the air cushion and a gas cylinder. The hose also houses a pressure reducer, a controller, an air outlet valve. The gas cylinder supplies air to the jack, the air cushions are filled with air.

Technical characteristics of the gas cylinder:

  1. The capacity of the tank is 6.8 liters.
  2. The diameter of the balloon is 157 mm.
  3. The length of the balloon is 528 mm.
  4. Thread - M18 x 1.5
  5. Gas is air.
  6. The filled capacity of the cylinder is 1835 liters.
  7. The working pressure is 30 MPa.
  8. The test pressure is 50 MPa.
  9. The weight of the balloon is 3.8 kg.

Pros of using

The inflatable jack according to the principle of action does not differ from the air, but the design is slightly different. The automobile aerial jack is intended for lifting of off-road cars , parketnikov. You can use on any surface, do not need to run and look for boards, logs to put under the device to solve the problem.

The jack is made of durable and durable PVC fabric. The advantages of an inflatable jack are that it weighs a bit and has compact dimensions. You nemnuzhno crawl on your knees to put a jack in a certain place under the car, install it much easier.

Do it yourself

Can I make an air jack with my own hands? Of course, one should only have the desire and make some efforts. To do this, you will need:

  • The old pillow from the truck.
  • Bolt of the appropriate diameter.
  • A ball that can be easily placed in a bolt.
  • Wheel bolt from the "Zhiguli".
  • Chamber fitting.
  • Drill.

A bolt is screwed into the hole of the pillow, a hole is drilled in the bolt, into which a chamber fitting is inserted. The wheel bolt from the "Zhiguli" will act as a choke, the ball is placed in the outlet, then the elements are connected. To use such a jack, you need a special pump.

The air jack has its advantages and special functionality. Where the classic model is just useless gland, the inflatable construction will become a real salvation.

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