The best folk car. The national car in Russia

Annually various automobile editions conduct polls among motorists. The main purpose of these ratings is to find out the popularity of these or other car brands. In such ratings there are several nominations. Usually the best national car, family car, cars TOP are chosen. But on our roads, you will not see top cars very often. Let's find out which models and brands are popular among ordinary Russians.

The People's Car

These cars are inexpensive, unpretentious and fairly hardy, and even economical. The first truly popular stamp in our country was the "Zhiguli". This symbol of the era of the USSR is still in numerous numbers moving along Russian roads. This machine has grown more than one generation. By the way, every country has its own national car.

You can argue long, is this or that brand of folk cars . But we will not do this, but let's see the ratings of authoritative publications.

10 most popular cars in Russia

According to the popular men's magazine, these cars are not looking for firemen or police. They are looking for people, ordinary Russians. In this ranking are the most popular cars in the opinion of the popular search engine.

This rating shows which models the residents of Russia were most interested in. Of course, they do not fully cover the sales picture. After all, manufacturers could not provide the right amount, and buyers did not wait a year or two, and bought another car. But still let's see.

Renault Daster

This machine was supposed to replace the popular with the people of "Niva", "Chevrolet" and other jeeps of the lowest price category. This is a cheap parquet SUV. The car, despite the price, according to motorists, has a completely reliable suspension. There is an opinion that it works no worse than on foreign cars. Also, the manufacturers have cleverly approached the choice of engines. You can choose from either a 120-hp gasoline engine or a 90-hp diesel.

Build quality on the level. At least a little better than domestic cars. In total, about 80,000 machines are produced on Russian capacities per year, and the queue for it is four months.

Lada Largus

This is the most capacious people's car. In the "Largus" easily accommodate 6 people (except the driver). The design of the machine is not new, it's a modernized Logan. But motorists trust this model. At the AvtoVAZ factories, the car is assembled separately, on its conveyor belt, and the assembly is paid great attention.

Volkswagen Polo

This is the most popular car in Russia. This is claimed not only by automobile publications, but also by motorists themselves. It is believed that the German automotive industry still managed to put on the Russian roads something not to be killed.

For example, Volkswagen Polo (sedan) is the ideal car for Russia. The model was built on the basis of the fifth generation of Polo, a hatchback. The assembly is made in Kaluga. This model has a very good demand for motorists.

The exterior of the car is quite strict, as well as laconic. The design is very similar to other models of this manufacturer. Having seen the body, it's hard to say that we have a budget car. The image is completely harmonious.

Looks "Volkswagen Polo" is somewhat larger than its relative hatchback. Engineers slightly increased the wheelbase. In general, this sedan is one of the largest in its class. A longer base allows you to allocate more space from behind. The luggage rack is also rather big, because it is a budget family model.

This sedan was created by German engineers for Russian realities. The car has been adapted to our roads, our weather and fuel. Increased ground clearance, the body is galvanized, the suspension is more strengthened, the climate control is designed for low temperatures. The basic model is equipped with heated seats, as well as ABS.

In this version, this machine completely works out all the money that buyers invest in it. Even without additional options, Volkswagen Polo looks and works just like a solid foreign car. So at once you can not say that this model is budgetary.

We can say that "Polo Volkswagen" is a people's car. Even more popular is the "Golf".

UAZ Patriot

This car earned itself the fourth place in the popularity rating. Car enthusiasts car interested after the change of design, when they replaced the front panel, climate control, radio tape recorder. Also, interest in this model was fueled by a new 2.2-liter diesel engine from ZMZ. "Patriot" is an honest, people's SUV with a cost of 500,000 rubles. The car has an acceptable comfort, the track behaves not quite perfectly, but in more severe conditions it is able to leave any dirt.

Opel Astra

The machine took the number of sales. In general, the previous generation of golf cars was sold well. Also new modifications are popular. The car is going to us, in St. Petersburg. The model is positioned as a budget family car.

"Renault Logan"

These cars in their time, if not arranged an automobile revolution among budget models, then certainly put this very car world in an uncomfortable position.

Initially, the model was positioned as a budget for residents of Eastern Europe. However, a little later the model under the Dacia brand became popular everywhere. This folk car is quite roomy, quite quality. And in general, this is a very successful model, especially in view of its value.

Recently released a newer model of "Logan", but even the most powerful model with automatic transmission can afford any Russian.

"Lada Granta" - the most affordable "budget"

This is quite affordable folk car in Russia, besides one of the best-selling. Granta managed to kindle a great interest. This sedan is excellent in the top five sales leaders. This is an economical, compact model. The price of this budget sedan is quite attractive, which makes it an excellent choice for many Russians.

"Granta" has no similarities with other models from JSC "AvtoVAZ". It has a decent and quite serious appearance. The bumper is quite expressive, the large headlights allow the car to look solid enough for its class.

In the cabin everything is simple, but attractive enough. There is even air conditioning, although the front panel is decorated quite ascetic.

Seats are good, comfortable, the pillow is of sufficient length, so the driver and passengers will be able to appreciate them. The luggage compartment is rather large, which allows us to say that the "Grant" is a family car.

The car can be purchased in three trim levels. This is "standard", "standard" and "luxury". The basic equipment is equipped with 13-inch discs, cabin of fabric, soundproofing, driver's airbag, immobilizer.

In the maximum configuration, the car has ABS, rear windows, alloy wheels, climate control and multimedia.

The car is quite safe, and the driving performance is quite good for its price. In addition, some models are equipped with automatic transmission.

Hyundai Solaris

This manufacturer also presented its budget model car. It can also be considered a national one. The car is a direct competitor to the Volkswagen Polo.

The machine was started in 2011 in St. Petersburg. The market is represented in five trim levels. The basic will cost buyers 400 000 rubles.

"Solaris" is equipped with four-cylinder petrol engines with multipoint injection technology, as well as a system of continuous change of the phases of the gas distribution. Producers say that fuel consumption will be about six liters.

Also, the machine is equipped with an energy absorbing body made of good steel. As standard equipment will be a heated rear window, a washer reservoir with a level sensor.

Recently, the company conducted a survey, which was to show the best car from the manufacturer's line for the Russians. The popular car rating showed that Solaris is the best representative. This machine is also listed in the all-Russian rating.

Car of the Year

In the framework of the research project "Auto-year ratings", the participants, that is the people, chose the most suitable cars for the title "The most popular car of the year". The selection criteria were different, as were the nominations. They chose the most family, the most practical, brutal, and also a woman's car.

The choice took place among 452 models, which are officially available in our markets. So, among the women's cars in the leaders - "Deo Matiz". Among the family cars in the first place is "Ford Focus", on the second - "Lada Largus". The most practical car is Solaris from Hyundai.

Popular car names

Popular car models among motorists also receive nicknames or simply popular names. Sometimes such alternative names reflect the essence of the car.

For example, "Kia Sid" car enthusiasts are called "ked". Audi A8 has received the nickname "Avoska". "Honda Accord" in the people is called "accordion". The most popular car "Volkswagen Golf" received the nickname "sock".

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