"Agri Antigrippin": homeopathy for colds

Disputes about the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies have already lasted a long time. But, despite all doubts, this group of drugs with a dubious reputation is in demand among buyers. Quite often homeopathy is taken for the treatment of colds and flu. Agri Antigrippin is considered to be one of the most effective medicines. The product is available for children and adults. Let us consider in more detail the composition, the instruction on the use of a homeopathic preparation.

Description of Homeopathy

Most people at least once faced with unpleasant symptoms of influenza and acute respiratory pathologies. At first glance, such diseases seem harmless, but, unfortunately, in the absence of adequate therapy, they often cause various complications in the work of internal organs, joints. Therefore, it is extremely important to start taking medicines in a timely manner. Among homeopathy, you can also pick up a fairly effective medication, for example, "Agri Antigrippin".

Homeopathic preparation is combined. It consists of several active substances. The Russian company "Materia Medica Holding", which is the leader among domestic manufacturers of homeopathy, is issuing the medicine. Difference between adult and children's "Antigrippina" in the number of dilutions. In the first form the number of dilutions is higher - 100200 times. This means that the remedy operates more intensively. Children's Agri breed fewer times - 10030.

Forms of release

The manufacturer produces Agri Antigrippin in the form of tablets and round granules with different compositions. The necessary medicine will help to choose a doctor-homeopathist, given the age of the patient. Pharmacy aconite, toxicodendron, oaky, arsenic iodide are components of granules and tablets. The second version of the homeopathic remedy for adults includes bryony, American lakonos and sulfur lime liver (according to Hahnemann).

How does the remedy work?

The therapeutic effect of "Antigrippin", a homeopathic preparation, is due to the presence of correctly selected components. Each substance ideally interacts with other components and speeds up the healing process.

Aconite - one of the active substances of the drug. This plant, often used for the manufacture of homeopathy. It has anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, analgesic vasodilating action. It can be used effectively for fever, fever, pain in the muscles, infectious pathologies. Strengthens the therapeutic effect of toxicodendron, prescribed for viral diseases, flu, laryngitis, headaches, rheumatism.

Homeopathic remedy has antipyretic and sedative effect. It significantly reduces the signs of intoxication of the body during the period of the pathological condition. Homeopathic preparation also has contraindications for use. The agent should not be prescribed for intolerance of components, cardiac pathologies. Children's "Antigrippin" is forbidden to give babies up to three years.

Antigrippin Agri: instructions for use

To take homeopathy is necessary according to the scheme, which for the patient is painted by the specialist individually. The concentration of medicinal substances in tablets is higher than in granules. This should be remembered. One tablet corresponds to five homeopathic granules.

In the acute period of the pathological condition, it is recommended to take 1 tablet (or 5 granules) every 30-60 minutes. They must be absorbed in the mouth. The compositions should be alternated. Two days later, the interval between tablets is increased to 2-3 hours. With the improvement of well-being "Agri Antigrippin" is taken 2-3 times a day. The duration of homeopathic therapy should not exceed 10 days. It should be borne in mind that in severe cases homeopathy can be used solely as an auxiliary therapy.

Agri for children with influenza

Children's forms of the drug also vary in composition. The first version of the preparation includes the following components:

  • aconite;
  • Arsenic iodide;
  • belladonna;
  • Iron phosphate.

Children's "Agri Antigrippin" significantly increases immunity, has antipyretic effect, eliminates the inflammatory process. The second composition of the drug also consists of natural components: meadow chamber, bryony, pulsatilla, sulfur lime liver (according to Hahnemann).

During the treatment period, the tablet can also be replaced with round granules of lower dosage. Assign a homeopathic medicine to children from three years of age. Single dose should not exceed 5 granules (1 tablet). In the first days of ailment a drug is taken every hour (before eating). Usually considerable relief comes in 3-4 days. If there is no clinical effect within 10 days, stop taking homeopathy and pick up more potent drugs.

Can I take "Antigrippin Agri" for the prevention of acute respiratory viral infection and influenza?

To protect yourself from various viral diseases and influenza during epidemics, you must take care of preventive measures in advance. To prevent infection with pathogenic microorganisms, the homeopathic remedy "Agri Antigrippin" can be prescribed to both adults and toddlers from three years of age.

As a prophylactic it is taken daily for 3 weeks for one tablet (or five pellets), not forgetting about the alternation of formulations. The tablet should be dissolved on an empty stomach in the morning.

Patient Reviews

According to reviews, "Antigrippin" is called one of the most effective homeopathic medicines. This is the opinion of most patients who had to take this drug. Homeopathy is well tolerated, does not cause side effects (in the absence of contraindications). "Antigrippin Agri," whose price fluctuates between 80 and 100 rubles per package, many consider a good alternative to various antiviral drugs based on synthetic substances.

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