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Kissel - good, time-tested

Kissel is not just a delicious dessert, but also a wonderful remedy for improving the work of the stomach. Its viscous enveloping structure provides protection against all kinds of irritations. Drunk jelly gently affects the inflamed walls of the stomach and brings relief from gastritis or ulcers. For a healthy organism it is an excellent prevention of such diseases.

The tangible advantage of kissel lies in its ability to prevent such a common disease in modern cities as a dysbacteriosis. People with an increased acidity of gastric juice are especially encouraged to consume jelly. The benefits of this drink have long been known to the Russian people and are recognized by many nutritionists.

However, not only in Russia venerated kissels. They are drunk in many countries, and in some regions there are traditional recipes. In Western Europe, like sweet jelly from berries and fruits, in Scandinavia - sourish from rhubarb, in northern regions - cooked from cloudberries.

On sale you can find a variety of jelly, but still the most useful is the one that is prepared independently. There are many ways to get this drink from a variety of berries and fruits. But the most valuable is oatmeal jelly, the benefit of which has been tested not by one generation. This is an effective immunoabsorbing agent and a kind of natural biostimulator that slows down the aging process. In addition, this drink stabilizes the activity of the stomach and intestines. All versatile properties of oats are preserved and prepared on its basis jelly. The benefit of using it is manifested in improving the condition of internal organs and significantly affects the appearance and mood.

Oats are widely used in cosmetology - it is added to scrubs, creams, lotions and some other means. In the composition of many face masks made at home, it is also often present oat jelly. The use of this ingredient is expressed in its anti-inflammatory, softening and toning action.

Each kind of jelly has not only a unique taste, but also has its own effect on health. Cranberry jelly is an effective remedy against all kinds of colds, blueberry improves eyesight and positively affects the stomach, apple - effective prevention of hypovitaminosis and anemia. All varieties of jelly are favorable for the normalization of digestion.

In order that this drink really was for the good, it is necessary to prepare it from those ingredients that are not contraindicated to the body. If doctors recommend to abandon citrus, grapes or any other fruit, it is natural that the jelly on their basis should not be cooked, however appetizing the recipe looked. It is in such cases that the kissel is said to be good and bad at the same time. If you do not neglect the recommendations of experts and prepare this drink from safe ingredients, it will pleasantly diversify the daily menu and provide the body with a whole set of valuable substances.

Kissel is rich in amino acids, vitamins and calories, so it can become a complete replacement of one of the meals, for example, breakfast. It contains vegetative fiber, which positively affects the work of the stomach. After such a dessert, a pleasant sensation of lightness is created. Although it is also undesirable to abuse jelly, since the starch and carbohydrates present in it can contribute to the accumulation of weight. Absolutely harmless for everyone is considered only oatmeal, whose benefits are undeniable and not overshadowed by any negative information.

Do not get carried away with instant kisels, which in the range are present on the shelves. It should be remembered that, despite all the tempting inscriptions on the variegated packages, the most useful will be only a drink prepared independently. He will certainly bring health and become one of the favorite delicacies of home cooking.

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