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Removal of age spots on the face.

Pigmented spots on the face spoil the life of not one million women. At present, there are many ways to rid yourself of this problem. So do not despair - you are not alone. The removal of pigment spots on the face can be done in a beauty salon, in various medical centers and even at home. It all depends on which method you choose.

Before you understand how to remove pigmentation spots, you need to understand the causes of their appearance. It can be associated with various chronic diseases of the endocrine glands, the liver, and disorders of the nervous system. In addition, a violation of the vitamin balance or metabolism can also lead to the formation of pigmented spots. They appear after a long time in the sun, because of hormonal changes, and also for age reasons. People working with coloring chemicals (coal, gunpowder, soot) and engine oil can become pigmented spots.

Acquired pigment spots or chloasma that have sharp boundaries and irregular contours can appear on the cheeks, forehead, they usually appear in pregnant women, and disappear themselves when postpartum menstruation comes. But there may be pigment spots on the back and other parts of the body, especially under the influence of sunlight.

Before you start fighting this problem, you need to find out its cause. Because the removal of pigment spots on the face may not be needed. As, for example, during pregnancy, they will simply need to be masked in a harmless way. If the reason is a lack of folic acid, then it is prescribed in the form of vitamins or vegetables (cabbage, spinach).

The removal of pigment spots on the face can occur by peeling (exfoliation) or external bleaching agents. Remember, all procedures should be performed by qualified personnel in a clinical setting. You will be given an allergy test beforehand to see if you have a reaction to the hydroquinone contained in many whitening products. The doctor will tell you that the removal of pigment spots on the face requires further compliance with some recommendations. In particular, one should not be in the sun, since ultraviolet exposure often leads to a relapse. That is why such procedures are carried out in winter or autumn. And then you need to maintain a normal skin condition, using bleaching cream, sunscreen products, powder with UV filter.

Removal of age spots on the face is best done only under the supervision of a doctor. But some ladies prefer to use folk remedies. Parsley, for example, has an excellent whitening effect. You can use her fresh and frozen juice, make masks, mix it with vodka or alcohol. And for sluggish, wrinkled skin with pigmentation it is useful to mix parsley juice with curdled milk or milk (for oily skin) and sour cream (for dry skin) 1: 1. This mixture should be lubricated face, and after 15 minutes rinse with warm water.

In the fight against pigmentation successfully used melon, almonds, soy flour, various herbs, lemon and so on. A good whitening effect have all kinds of berries: black currant, wild strawberry, strawberry. They put them on, put them on their faces for half an hour, and then they wash it off.

Everyone knows how effective the removal of pigment spots on the face with the help of cucumber. It must be grated, mixed with a spoonful of nourishing cream and make a mask, avoiding the area of the mouth, eyes and nose. This procedure should be done 3 times a day. The whole course is equal to thirty masks.

Pigmented spots - not too big a problem, you probably can solve it, especially having addressed to the professional.

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