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Actress Linda Carter: biography, photo. Best movies and TV shows

Linda Carter is a talented actress who claimed herself through the adventure series "Wonder Woman". In this teleproject she got the main role, she embodied the image of Diana, a super heroine from the tribe of the Amazons. "Secrets of Smallville", "Law and order: Special Corps", "Two and a half people", "Supergerl", "Assholes from Hazzard", "Aerobatics", "Superpolicy" - other famous films and serials with her participation. What more can you tell about this woman?

Linda Carter: the beginning of the road

The star of the series "Wonder Woman" was born in Arizona, it happened in July 1951. Linda Carter was born in the family of an antiques dealer and employee of a telephone company, her kin does not have movie stars. Americans, Irish, Mexicans - who are just not among her ancestors, than the actress is very proud.

As a child, the girl showed interest in comics about a miracle woman. After graduation, she became a student at Arizona State University, but did not finish it. Linda studied for a musical career, for several years she performed with different rock bands.

First successes

Few people know that Linda Carter in her youth won the title of "Miss USA". This allowed her to take part in the contest "Miss World", but the girl managed only to reach the semifinals. Then she moved to New York, began to study acting skills. The first role was not long in coming, Carter starred in the series "Starsky and Hutch", Nakia, "Hollywood squares."

For the first time the taste of glory Linda Carter was able to feel thanks to the TV series "Wonder Woman". For four years she played the role of warrior Diana of the tribe of the Amazons, thanks to which she acquired an army of admirers. A great popularity among teenagers used posters with Linda in the image of a Wonder Woman. In 1979, the television project was closed, but the new star did not remain without roles. "The Last Song", Born to Be Sold, "The Hot Line" - films and serials with her participation came out more often.

Movies and TV shows

"Rita Hayworth: The Goddess of Love" is a biographical drama, thanks to which Linda Carter again attracted public attention. In this picture, she brilliantly embodied the image of the famous American actress.

Then she got the main role in the drama series "Partners in Crimes", her heroine was determined and persistent Carol. Linda starred in a number of TV films, for example, "Following the tragedy of misfortune," "Mike Hammer: The chain of murders," "Daddy", "I starred for Playboy, When Friendship Kills," "Pleasure in Darkness," "The One , Who will love me. " At its true value was appreciated by the audience its small role in the film "Superpolicy".

Linda Carter continued to act actively in the new century, films and serials with her participation came out one by one. In the popular comic thriller "The Assholes of Hazzard" she embodied the image of a minor heroine Pauline. In the fantastic comedy "Aerobatics" she got even a small but interesting role of the power lady.

Also Carter starred in the series "Law and Order: Special Corps", "The Queen of the Screen", "Two and a half people." Furor made her appearance in the sixth season of the television project "Smallville's Secrets". Linda appeared in the role of the mysterious Moira Sullivan, who has supernatural abilities and uses them far from always for good.

In recent years, the actress is rarely removed. One of her latest achievements is the appearance in the TV series "Superhero". In this television project, she brilliantly embodied the image of President Olivia, a woman mysterious and unpredictable. In 2017, the picture "Superpolicy 2" is expected, in which Linda will play the same heroine as in the first part.

Personal life

Of course, the fans are interested not only in the roles that actress Linda Carter played at the age of 65. The American movie star was twice married. For the first time her choice fell on the producer Ron Samuels, but this union soon disintegrated. Linda's marriage last longer with Robert Altman, from this person she gave birth to James Clifford's son and daughter Jessica.

The third time the actress did not marry, now her heart is free, at least, this is the official version.

Interesting Facts

The actress actively works in the field of scoring. For example, she worked on the voice acting of several games company Bethesda. She also achieved some successes as a singer, she herself wrote songs, she released several albums, the first of which was called Portrait.

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