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Yelets State University. IA Bunina: History

Yelets State University . IA Bunina is one of the oldest universities in Russia. It was created on the basis of the working faculty, and that in the beginning of the twentieth century was transformed from a female gymnasium. History of YSU. Bunin is the topic of the article.

Female gymnasium

Yelets State University . IA Bunin was founded in 1939. But its creation is preceded by a half-century history. In 1979, in Yelets, a women's gymnasium was established. Her graduates had the right to teach in primary school and at home.

The program included both mandatory and additional disciplines. The training of future teachers was practical. Among the required subjects were Russian language, geography, mathematics, the law of God. Additional subjects were French, drawing and pedagogy.

Faculty of Work

In 1919 a young Soviet state created an educational institution designed to prepare entrants to enter the institute. It was called the working class. Most of the children of peasants and workers were educated there. Among the students dominated by those whose age was approaching thirty.

It was on the basis of the worker's faculty that twenty years later Eletsk State University named after Yu. IA Bunin. But before describing the history of the university itself, we should say a few words about the teaching staff and students of the educational institution for the representatives of the proletariat.

On the rabfak, the offspring of the NEP men studied only because of shortages. The advantage was given, as already mentioned, to children from working families. The teaching staff was formed from experienced and strong teachers. But the time was not easy. By the end of the thirties, when the Yelets State University was founded. IA Bunin, many teachers were arrested.

Teacher's Institute

According to official data, it was in 1939 founded the University. Bunin. Yelets is a city in which, by the end of the thirties, there were two prestigious educational institutions: rabfak and pedagogical school. On their basis in March 1921, a teacher's institute was founded, later renamed the university.

The training lasted only two years. Graduates had the right to teach in a seven-year school. In the Institute there were philological, historical and physico-mathematical departments. In 1939 the number of students was 225 people. The training was conducted in two buildings, the first of which was located at: Leo Tolstoy Street, house 83. This building remembered pre-revolutionary times. The second building was equipped for a student hostel.

Young people from the Orel, Kursk and Voronezh regions studied at the Yelets Institute of Teaching. Training was paid. Its cost was 150 rubles a year, whereas the scholarship - from 116 rubles a month. Such conditions could not but stimulate students to study more diligently, given that most of them were from poor families. In the pre-war time there was an active selection of teaching staff, educational programs were formed, the library fund was replenished. The first issue was held in 1941.

At the beginning of the war, many second-year students went to the front. The rest took part in the defense of the city. During the days of occupation, part of the Institute's property was destroyed, which they did not have time to evacuate. After the war ended, it took years to restore teaching aids and other materials.

University of

In the postwar period, there was a sharp shortage of pedagogical personnel in the USSR. Many educational institutions were reorganized. Since 1953 the teacher's institute in Yelets has become known as the pedagogical institute. In 2002, the university was reorganized into a university.

General information about the university

Today in YSU them. Bunin is studying about five thousand students. Faculties in the university prepare teachers of history, Russian and foreign languages and other disciplines included in the compulsory school curriculum. Not so long ago, the Department of Hospitality was founded, so that YSU students have the opportunity to obtain a demanded profession in the hotel business.

The oldest faculty is physics and mathematics. Since 1993, the university is engaged in scientific work. It was in this year that the postgraduate study was opened at the YSU. Bunin. A year later - the dissertation council.

Over the years, the university has trained about twenty thousand teachers. YSU graduates work not only in the Lipetsk region, but also in other regions of Russia: from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka. Eleven graduates of this university, living in Yelets, bear the title of Honored Teacher. More than thirty continue their education in graduate schools of Moscow universities. EHU is one of the best universities in the Lipetsk region. That's why not only residents of the city, but also residents of other cities are dreaming of becoming a student of this university.

Other universities in the Lipetsk region:

  1. Lipetsk State University of Education.
  2. Lipetsk State Technical University.

In Yelets, graduates of secondary schools have the opportunity to obtain higher education also in the branch of the Russian New University.

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