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Writing articles to order. Where to find a good author?

The good content of a site for business is the same competitive advantage of the company, as, for example, the quality of goods sold or the level of services provided. Unique, literate, informative and compelling texts today can solve as many tasks as never before.

Currently, writing articles to order is one of the most popular services on the Internet. The reason for this is that most of the customers go to the sellers precisely because of the information found about them on the network. Internet advertising outperforms the effectiveness of advertising in print media and on television. If we talk about optimized texts placed on the network, then their effectiveness in promoting the business is several times greater than any graphic advertising (for example, banners).

Services of copywriters: how to choose from thousands of candidates

Creation of content is carried out by special exchange of copywriting. Among the performers working for them you can find a good specialist, but the risk of hiring an insufficiently competent author who can not translate the idea of the customer is also quite high. You can, of course, take a chance and try to work with exchange executors. But order to write an article should be done by a copywriter with a good portfolio and high rating.

If there is no time for experiments, it is better to entrust the writing of materials to experts of reputable sites that provide such services and provide sites for accommodation. For example, you can make an order for writing articles on the site. The project has been working for more than two years, in its staff there are about 1000 competent executors, who write articles on order for a variety of topics. All materials placed on the resource site are published on an unlimited basis, therefore they work on customer sites for years.

The difference in the cost of copywriting is very significant. Stock exchanges in this area are ready to work for a very symbolic price. Experienced and competent specialists in their field with a good portfolio evaluate their services ten times more expensive, but they are also responsible for the results of their work.

What "can" literate content?

Creating worthwhile content is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. The main difficulty lies, first of all, in the fact that it takes quite considerable time to write texts. If the company does not have its own copywriters, then the only alternative is to order texts from specialists.

Writing articles to order is in many respects the most optimal solution and indisputably justifies itself with a serious attitude to its own resource and business. Good articles create a positive image of the company, attract new visitors to its site, and also contribute to increasing the resource in the search engine index.

Writing articles for an order is carried out not only for the purpose of filling the websites with useful information for the reader. By themselves, the texts posted on the Internet are already an excellent tool for optimizing the site. The main thing is a competent approach to their drafting. Logically entered keywords and optimally placed links can make ordinary text a means of increasing revenue, obtained not only through the sale of goods (services), but also by bringing the site to the top of search engines.


If you need an article, you will not only need to inform the performer about her topic, but also to accompany it with the technical assignment. As a rule, a brief is drawn up for each order (a short list of wishes indicating the name of the company, its scope of activities, competitive advantages, description of the services provided, target audience, etc.).

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