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Is adaptation always "adaptation"?

In translation from the Latin "adaptation" or adaptation is "adaptation". In biology, it is generally accepted that organisms adapt to the environment, and not vice versa. Socio-psychological adaptation of the individual is understood in two ways: as a short-term situation of man's adaptation to the conditions of a new group and as a constant process of adapting each person to a new social environment. In a changing world, addiction must pass actively, otherwise it begins to manifest itself as disadaptation and becomes an interfering factor in the development of the individual.

In L.N. Gumilev's theory of ethnography, the adaptation of the passionary personality to the environment is seen as adapting not so much the person to the new conditions of existence as the change in the environment by this person for himself. Passionary leaders have an increased desire to work, to change the ethnos. They are maximally activated when the ethnos is in danger. For the passionary, adaptation is the creation of such conditions of existence for the individual, where he could maximize his abilities and skills for the benefit of the whole society. The goals of the passionary person are aimed at improving the living conditions of the ethnos, therefore, the manifestation of aggression in the form of conquest and development of new territories for the people's residence is not ruled out. For modern passionaries, the manifestation of activity in business and politics is more typical. Their professional adaptation is characterized by changes in the team where they begin their activities. There are changes in the structure and nature of the organization's activities, where the passionate person feels the most successful.

If a passionate person, in the opinion of LN Gumilyov and MI Kovalenko, is a super-adaptant, then the sub-passionary person adapts to the new conditions of life inefficiently. Its adaptation is a long process of overcoming the requirements of society, adapting to such conditions that are of little use for an active and fulfilling life. Only under the influence of the passionate leader, the crowds of sub-passionarians are able to change their lives, fulfilling the goals set before them. Often the processes of adaptation are spurred on by the material benefit, i.e. Payment for activities. Sub-passionarians can be mercenaries who participate in hostilities or political events for a fee. Sub-passionarity can manifest in early childhood, tk. A low level of energy is an innate manifestation. Such children often get sick with a change of lifestyle or place of residence, and the process of their getting used to a kindergarten or school is difficult, therefore for them adaptation is a series of long and severe diseases.

An intermediate category of people with a moderate opportunity to absorb energy from the environment, the author of the theory of passionarity called harmonious personalities. Their activities are sufficient for the organization of the family, participation in the production of consumer goods, i.e. On providing the society with everything necessary. This is the most numerous group of people in the ethnos. For them, adaptation is the process of socialization, the assimilation of norms, requirements and values of the social environment. It is on them that the level of reproduction of the population depends, therefore their health, the level of security and adaptation to the conditions of life within the existing ethnos are paramount values. Sustainability and stability become the goal of the existence of such people. Harmonious people at all times did not like passionaries, who violated this stability , forcing them to adapt to new living conditions.

Adaptation is a multifaceted concept. This adaptation of the individual to new conditions, this is a function of the development of the individual, and overcoming the complexities of development, and the degree of satisfaction with his life.

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