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Wobblock Strike Pro: review, types, reviews. Wineglass Strike Pro: fishing tackle

Going fishing, you need to pay attention to the selection of all necessary gear. Lures have a special place in the conquest of trophy fish specimens. Therefore, take with you to the pond you need really high-quality products.

Strike Pro хорошо известен рыбакам всего мира. Wobblers Strike Pro is well known to fishermen around the world. Production of baits has been carried out for several decades. During this time, a variety of wobblers have been developed, corresponding to the conditions of almost any body of water. Therefore, each fisherman will be able to choose the optimum variety for himself. Advice of professionals will help you understand the great variety of models presented by the manufacturer.

Historical reference

Strike Pro производится одноименной тайваньской компанией. Wobblers Strike Pro is produced by the Taiwanese company of the same name. It has been established the release of baits from 1973. Since 1980, the products of this brand have been presented to European fishermen.

The company began to produce wobblers in the 90s of the last century. These products immediately took the lead, competing with Japanese and American baits from hard materials. Pro стали узнавать благодаря яркой упаковке и отличному качеству. Over time, Strike Pro products have come to light thanks to their bright packaging and excellent quality.

The manufacturer pays special attention to the creation of its baits, details, quality of all components, balance, as well as features of the use of wobblers. The models created by the company are actively used by both amateurs and professionals of different countries of the world.

Domestic fishermen also had time to appreciate the products of the Taiwanese brand. It is actively used for fishing on the most diverse representatives of the water kingdom everywhere.

Features of wobblers

Strike Pro обладает несколькими отличительными особенностями. The Strike Pro has several distinctive features. When they are created, designers create a prototype of the future bait. The layout is cut from the tree manually. This is how to achieve a live bait performance.

Then the balancer circuit is worked out. In real conditions the new wobblers are tested. This allows us to evaluate its functional features. After the tests, the development and creation of a plastic version is made. It is also improved and tested in real conditions.

Only the model that demonstrated its high efficiency is launched on conveyor production. Most of the wobblers of this manufacturer are cast in tandem casing with blades. This allows you to significantly extend the life of the baits. The hull is painted by hand.

Assortment of baits

The wobblers presented on the market are characterized by high quality indicators. Their hooks, according to experts, are very strong (Owner, VMC). They are also equipped with stainless ring rings.

In the market of fishing tackles is a wide range of baits of the Taiwanese company. Strike Pro Minnow и Strike Pro Shad . Popular are Strike Pro Minnow and Strike Pro Shad . They have proven themselves as functional baits that can work stably both in calm water and during flow.

Many models are equipped with noise chambers, as well as a long-throw system. This allows to attract passive predatory fish. A series of surface baits also showed themselves on the good side. They make it possible to get a really abundant catch.

Mini wobblers

Strike Pro Baby Pro . For lovers of light forms of spinning, Strike Pro Baby Pro is great. This small bait can bring huge catches. They are beautifully pecking both predatory and conventionally predatory fish. Even peaceful representatives of the aquatic fauna are often interested in this wobblack.

On hot summer days, most fishermen do not expect to fish from predatory fish. She does not show activity during such periods. But when using the presented bait, you can draw her attention.

Pro имеет в длину 2,5 см. Ее вес составляет всего 2 г. Но при этом такие габариты не мешают приманке сохранять высокую устойчивость и стабильную игру даже на течении. The Baby Pro model has a length of 2.5 cm. Its weight is only 2 g. However, such dimensions do not interfere with the lure to maintain high stability and stable game even on the current. This wobbler is used in small rivers for catching chub or yaz. Other species of fish also peck at such a bait.

Model Montero

Pro Montero. One of the best baits of the Minnow type is the Strike Pro Montero. этой группы характеризуются высоким качеством. Wobblers of this group are characterized by high quality. Experienced fishermen note its high performance, as well as catchability. A separate consideration deserves coloring. Also in this model the highest quality materials and accessories are used.

This bait is used in shallow water, as well as when fishing in a cold period of time. Even passive predatory fish draw attention to him. Inside this wobblack there are 3 balls. They contribute to good range when casting.

Even at low speeds of uniform wiring, the bait of this series begins to play. In doing so, it has good rolling. If the wiring is twitching, the wobbler will be responsive, allowing to produce different types of movements with a large deviation from the direction of the jerk.

Challenger model

Strike Pro Challenger. For catching in deep rivers and lakes, the Strike Pro Challenger wobblers are great . This series includes only 11 varieties of baits. Their size ranges from 5 to 11 cm. Experienced fishermen say that it is the big baits of this series that show great catchiness.

These wobblers are of a floating type. They are represented by both surface and deep specimens. The heaviest baits of this group can dive to 5-5.5 m. Wanting to catch a predator at a depth, it is better to choose bright colors of wobblers.

Gill covers have a certain design. Professionals argue that this allows you to create additional vibration in the water. This sound attracts the pike from very long distances. Also seasoned fishermen recommend to apply this series for catching from a boat. So the process is more dynamic. The bait can be gradually deepened by wiring, thus attracting future production.

Strike Pro, можно сделать вывод, что это уловистое, качественное изделие. Considering such a bait, like the wobblers of Strike Pro, we can conclude that this is an elusive, quality product. The variety of shapes, volumes, and functional abilities allows each fisherman to choose the best option for himself. The existing varieties will allow to spend time on a reservoir productively. A day off spent in nature will give a sea of unforgettable impressions.

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