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What does the dream book say: what does a peacock dream about?

The main key to unraveling our night visions is the dream book. Peacock as a whole has a positive value. Nevertheless, much depends on the context and the overall picture of sleep.

Interpretation of an ancient Russian dream book

Our ancestors well knew the value of night vision, and therefore they had their own dream book. Peacock is a bird of paradise, and therefore its image embodies colorful dreams and bright hopes for the future. Nevertheless, this dream also hints that you have the character traits inherent in a peacock (for example, arrogance and pride).

In the event that in your dream you were feeding a peacock, it means that in reality you are trying to establish contacts with an important person for you, and you will succeed. As for a bird with a loose tail, this indicates your lack of confidence in someone around you. Be wary of intrigues and dirty tricks.

Interpretation on the dream book of Aesop

Quite often, Aesop's dream book is used to interpret night visions. Peacock, in his opinion, is the personification of your fantasies, hopes and dreams. Most likely, you live in illusions and at the same time do not make enough effort to make them come true. In addition, this bird can become a reflection of your character or someone from your close environment. He has such traits as arrogance and arrogance.

Also contains some more interpretations of this dream book. Is the peacock spreading its tail? Be wary of insincere and secretive people in your environment. Less talk to them about yourself and especially not share secrets. All this, sooner or later, they use against you. If, however, in your dream the peacock lost a feather, then most likely you will bring your ill-wishers to the clean water.

Quite often people dream of the so-called singing of a peacock. This is a signal to reconsider your attitude to business. You are building grandiose plans, shouting about them at every corner, but here, directly, you practically do not pay attention to the work.

Interpretation on the modern dream book

Modern life makes its own adjustments not only in reality, but also in the dream book. Peacock's feather is a signal for trouble. And the more feathers you dream, the more serious difficulties you expect. The cry of this bird testifies to your longing for those who live far away.

Peacock dreams of dramatic changes in life. So, if in your life there was a lingering black band, then, most likely, in the near future you will have numerous reasons for joy. And vice versa - if your business is going well, some difficulties may soon arise.

If you dream like a peacock walking about, showing off his beautiful tail, it means that in reality, you spend too much time on conventions, not paying attention to the most important thing. If you are the owner of a peacock, then most likely, your second half will disappoint you.

Interpretation on the dream book Denise Lin

American psychologist Denise Lin composed his own dream book. Dreams of a peacock, in her opinion, vain and proud people, as a reflection of her own personality. In addition, this may be evidence of the excessive credulity that you show in relation to people.

If in your dream the peacock spread its tail, then you will find interesting leisure or fun pastime. If the feathers of the birds are folded, then surely there will be some minor trouble. If the peacock thinks of singing, then, most likely, you will waste a lot of time in vain.

Interpretation on the dream book of Freud

As you know, Freud developed a specific psychological theory, which had its influence on the dream book as well. Peacock, seen at night, means that a person exaggerates his possibilities intimately. Do not brag about the opposite sex too much. Your stories can lead to a partner, but after that, he and you will be overtaken by disappointment.

Also, a peacock, dreamed in a dream, can have a slightly different meaning. It is possible that your partner puts hopes on you that you can not justify.

Interpretation on the dream book of Vanga

The seer Wang, as is known, not only predicted the future, but also had her own dream book. Peacock, flying upwards, symbolizes that your dreams can be unattainable. Most likely, you need to become more down to earth and reconsider your life values.

Peacock with a loose tail is a reflection of your mistakes that you allow real life. Nevertheless, you realize them and draw the appropriate conclusions. Also, this dream can warn you that you are being too arrogant. We need to reconsider the line of our behavior.

If you dreamed of how unsuccessfully you chase a peacock, then in reality you can put yourself in a very awkward position. Do not argue with others if you are not completely sure of the correctness of your point of view.

If you pull a feather from a peacock, it can mean that a representative (or representative) of the opposite sex will reject your courtship. But a dead peacock is not such a negative sign as it may seem. Most likely, you will get into an unpleasant situation, from which you will come out the winner.

Interpretation of the Roma Dream Book

Interesting enough vision, which interprets the Roma dream book - the peacock. The meaning of this dream is that soon you will gain recognition and popularity. Nevertheless, there is also a warning here. Do not be too proud and boast of their successes, because pride can play with you a cruel joke.

If a peacock dissolves a tail in front of you, then you are in danger of all sorts of trouble. Nevertheless, they will not have negative consequences. On the contrary, they will bring a valuable life experience. If peacock screams loudly in your dream, you will be taken care of and worried.


Thus, we can conclude that the peacocks dream of a certain category of people. They are, as a rule, arrogant, self-confident, boastful and arrogant. Sleep can be considered a kind of warning to the fact that you need to reconsider your attitude towards others and the line of conduct. Also, peacocks often dream of dreamers and dreamers who do not want to look at things realistically.

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