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Why are cats with different eyes born?

It has long been believed that cats with different eyes bring luck to their masters. Scientists have argued for years about what this unique and sometimes frankly frightening spectacle is associated with. Some argued that this is a genetic mutation, others were sure that this is some kind of disease. Today we will try to understand the causes of this phenomenon and find out what breeds of cats it is inherent in.

What is the reason for this anomaly?

Immediately say that this unique phenomenon is found not only in cats, but also in other animals, and even in humans. It has a scientific basis and is known as heterochromia. The cause of the differences in the color of the irises are melanin deficiency or its presence in the body in an abnormally large number. The concentration of the substance and the characteristics of its distribution depends on the color in which the irises will be colored. In other words, the eye affected by heterochromia has undergone hyper- or hypopigmentation.

Most often in the nature there are cats with different eyes, the animal breed in this matter does not play a special role. Heterochromia is complete or partial. In the first case, one eye of the animal is blue, and the other is golden, green, yellow or orange.

Can heterochromia be called an ailment?

Immediately make a reservation that cats with different eyes are not considered sick, because this phenomenon does not affect the sight of animals. This anomaly is common in white and trichromatic individuals, as well as in those who have suffered a serious illness in their time.

Specialists distinguish acquired and congenital heterochromy. The first is due to long-term use of certain medications. The second is due exclusively to hereditary factors.

White cat with different eyes

The breed of animals does not affect the appearance of heterochromia. In the case of white individuals, this anomaly is due to the presence of a very dangerous dominant White gene. In homozygous form, it often becomes the cause of the death of unborn babies.

Another feature associated with the white coat color is that under its influence, significant changes in the organs of sight and hearing can occur. In addition, it has a strong effect on the formation of the rudiments of the cat's nervous system.

Van cats with different eyes

The breed was bred completely by accident. These semi long-haired animals have a strong elongated body with a perfectly developed thorax and a rectangular, slightly tapering back to the tail. A characteristic feature of adults is strong limbs. And the rear are slightly shorter than the forelegs.

These beautiful, graceful cats with different eyes weigh from four and a half to nine kilograms. Males differ more powerful bone and large sizes. Sexually mature individuals are those who have reached the age of three. Representatives of this breed are very sociable. They are able to express their own emotions and needs. Despite the fact that these animals are attached to all members of the family, they allot one master for themselves.

Turkish angora

These small animals, characterized by a small skeleton, have a graceful elongated body with rounded ribs. The average weight of an adult is about five kilograms.

Among the representatives of this breed there are also cats with different eyes. The wedge-shaped head of the animal is decorated with large erect ears, covered with soft nap. The body of the Turkish Angora is covered with silky wool of white, cream, black, blue or red. The animals of Himalayan, lilac and chocolate color are not allowed to be bred.

White angora cats with a different eye color are especially popular . As a rule, they are sold at a higher price. Individuals purchased in a professional nursery do not have hereditary diseases and can live no less than eighteen years.

The basis of the ration of the Turkish Angora should be a special super-premium food. Care of the hair is reduced to regular combing with a brush. It is enough to repeat this procedure once a week. Also, representatives of this breed need regular cleaning of the auricles, clipping their hair and rubbing the eyes.

These pretty playful cats are characterized by an active temperament. They love physical activity and like to be in the center of everyone's attention. To the pet is not bored during your long absence, it is advisable to get him a scratch, special exercise equipment, interactive toys and other accessories that allow the animal to throw out the accumulated energy. In addition, the Turkish Angora is beautifully trained. She is so smart that she is quite capable of mastering some not too complicated tricks.

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