Hello from Japan, or How to make a bow of hair

Japan, in addition to new technologies, gave us fashion for short skirts in a pleat, shirts with a tie "a la school uniform", air dresses like "Malvinas" for girls of considerable age - the so-called "Lolita" style, which became very popular in The environment of high school students and students, as well as among the girls of the "golden" youth. Here and a new trend - the hair "Bant" from their own hair did not go unnoticed. Element of puppetry, designed to emphasize the femininity and youth of their owners, perfectly harmonizes with the style and grace. Such a haircut can decorate yourself for any celebration - the girl will always look original, very elegant, bright and clearly not lost in the crowd, even the most inveterate women of fashion.

Not without reason, the question of how to make a bow of hair, interested in pop stars and models from the podium. And even more so about this with the pleasure of recognizing the girls - lovers of experimenting with their curls. Moreover, it is not so difficult to learn art, and a minimum of auxiliary equipment is needed. Knowing how to make a bow from hair, it can be built at least sideways, even on the vertex from behind, at least below the nape, with individual strands or the whole mass, as an independent hair or decorative part of it. It is convenient to make a bow of hair length from the shoulders and below.


In any case, you will need:

  • Set of hairpins, only without any flowers and other ornaments. Normal black hairpins.
  • Three rubber bands are thin, apothecary. Cloth colored not suitable, we warn at once. And too tight too - they will tear their hair, and they will not pick up the desired thickness.
  • Hairspray strong fixation. A firm can be either, it is important to keep it well.
  • Invisibles or sticks "crabs", "crocodiles", only small.
  • "Iron" or curl - depending on the structure of the hair and the desired hair. If you have curls, then before you make a bow of hair, they will have to straighten out beforehand. If thin, weak, rare - it is better to twist them slightly on curlers or curlers to create a sense of density, and the hair itself resembled a light wave.

The process went

    1. In the region of the crown we distinguish a zone in the form of a triangle or a Latin V - the strands from the temporal regions and bangs (if long) are captured from both sides. For additional volume you can twist. A tail is made from it.
    2. The rest of the hair mass should be picked up on the back of the neck in a small knot, so as not to interfere and not to be confused. For the convenience of work, hands are recommended to lubricate with gel or wax - the strands will not crumble, the hair will be neater.
    3. How to make a bow of hair? The next stage: the upper strand is separated from the tail and also fixed with an elastic band or a hair clip above it, so as not to interfere with the work.
    4. The lower strand is also pinned into another ponytail. And those hair that remained, we divide into two equal parts - right and left. Of these, a bow is carefully formed and pinned down at the bottom by the studs. The ends need to be divided and hidden in its halves.
    5. Now between the halves you need to make a kind of knot-jumper, like a real bow. To do this, take the free upper strand (from the tail), put it in the middle of the bow and fix it with invisible, and hide the ends.
    6. How to make a bow? The remaining strands on the temples are twisted into non-tangle strands or are weaved into braids, fastened with stilettos and hidden under a bow.

    The final touch is a fringe, if you wear it. Hair can be slightly twisted and sprinkled with varnish, you can smoothly comb and also adjust. Pin up the invisible, so that the lacquer "grabbed." After about 10 minutes, carefully remove the invisibility.


    Girls, before making hair with a bow, should well imagine what exactly they would like to see on their heads and how much it relates to their outfit and the chosen way. After all, you can build a whole "propeller" on the top of the head, on the side - a strict, elegant "eight", on the nape - a classic "butterfly". Full freedom of action and creativity, coupled with some skill will give a delightful result!

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