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Where to go in Vladivostok with a child? Where to go in the evening in Vladivostok tourist?

Original and trembling with its majesty Vladivostok was famous for its ancient expanses and fortresses for a long time. Many tourists are looking for ways to the farthest city of Russia to touch the age-old places, the rostral column, and to see the solemn monuments.

And where to go to Vladivostok to local residents or tourists? Now we shall understand this question.

Rostral column

The column is an excellent start for a walking procession in the afternoon. The architectural structure was opened to the world in the distant 1960 in honor of the next anniversary of the brave city. Throwing in the eyes of anyone passing is a 32-meter high-necked column, the top of which is a chic model of Manchur, who once delivered the founders of the city to the Golden Horn. Its foot is protected by a stately officer, who holds a huge anchor in his hands. The column received its name thanks to the ship's noses skillfully inserted into the ensemble.

Pushkin Theater

Then the route should be laid to the most luxurious Pushkin Theater, which stores the mysterious Vladivostok. Where to go to a tourist, can tell any guide or operator. But a resident of this luxurious seaside city will advise you to plunge into the world of aristocratic and very friendly theater, whose building attracts its architectural laconicism and luxury. The year of his birth is 1908th.

Since that time the pilgrimage of bright nugget artists has not stopped and to this day. Colorful posters of the theater delight the admirers with the versatility of the subjects, the aesthetics of the scenery and the professionalism of the cast.

Monument to Vysotsky

Continuing an inspired walk, you should visit the first singing monument to the famous celebrator of freedom and love Vladimir Vysotsky. The bronze figure is placed in the cozy square of the Gorky Theater. Charismatic Vysotsky holds the favorite guitar in his hands and plays his songs with a stately voice. The songs are played in random order. It is Vladivostok that is considered the most devoted city-admirer of the great poet.

Deciding where to go in Vladivostok in the company of a girl or a bosom friend, it's worth to turn to the public garden of the theater and sit in the benevolent company of the singer. Here you can not only find the right solution to your problems, but also plunge into the colorful atmosphere of the artist's life.

Square twin cities

In addition to the theme of the original squares, you can advise you to go to the intersection of Pogranichnaya and Semenovskaya streets, where a special ensemble of arches with the names of the faithful twin cities of the famous Vladivostok is located. In the center of the buildings are the favorites of all the townspeople - green elephants, on the trunks of which there is a colorful lantern with a defenseless kitten-found. The sister city is a fairly large island of greenery in the heart of the city, and it also has a playground for walking moms with kids. Many parents, deciding where to go with a child in Vladivostok, first of all recall the place of the merger of all sister cities.

Arsenyev Museum

The architectural design of the city allows you to open new places and alleys of seemingly bored cities during each walk. Where to go with a child in Vladivostok? For example, you can visit the Seaside State Museum named after VK Arseniev. Regularly held exhibition "Gifts and Givers" reveals to visitors colossal variants of rare gifts that were created by human hands. Here you can find rare books, manuscripts, tea sets with original ornaments, modeling and even a doll kingdom. Toddlers will take great pleasure in a walk among the luxurious antiques.

Quest room

In the category of entertainment, the richest city of Vladivostok is also not inferior to the central cities of the country: diverse clubs, cinemas, museums and the oceanarium help to have fun both for a large company and a small family. And where can I go to Vladivostok to have fun? Determined, many parents should pay attention to the quest room on Lugovoy Street. In the perfectly designed program of the institution there is an entertaining quest for 2-4 people called "Harry Potter: in the West". The entourage of the room, insidious puzzles, prizes and bonuses are completely fulfilled in the theme of the legendary work. Quest is available daily for visitors, only preliminary recording is required.


Having calmed down the kids, you can calmly decide where to go in the evening in Vladivostok. The night life of the majestic city is rich and bright. A big company can go to the club under the mysterious name "ShuM". A special feature of the establishment is the combination of the latest developments in the field of light and sound, and the charismatic interior only enhances the brightness of the entire atmosphere. The walls of the spectacular "Noise" are made of LED panels, which leads to a qualitative illusion of three-dimensional space. And photographic Miles Aldridge saturate the interior with life and light. The music content of the club allows you to enjoy the latest works of progressive music bands from around the world.

The house of attractions "Illusion"

Where to go in Vladivostok yet? Looking over the places, do not miss the well-known even outside the city house of attractions "Illusion", in which you can easily get into the country of mirrors or a room of laughter, and also sneak into the world of a strikeball or a mirror labyrinth. A company of 5-6 people can easily occupy themselves in this institution for several hours, because the labyrinth is assembled from 80 huge reinforced mirrors measuring 2.5 x 0.7 m.

The Oceanarium

Where to go in Vladivostok to fans of underwater flora and fauna? Of course, in the aquarium. Its area is about 1500 square meters. M. In the Vladivostok aquarium "Aquamir" collected a large number of tropical fish. Colorful decoration, a refined area near the building and friendly staff complement the entire ensemble of the long-known marine museum.

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