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Vladivostok Oceanarium: photo, office hours, address

Vladivostok Oceanarium is a truly breathtaking place. It is definitely worth a visit. It has many interesting objects.

Vladivostok Oceanarium (Vladivostok): description

The oceanarium is a kind of maritime museum. In it you can see the inhabitants of the Pacific, various rivers and seas, the Far Eastern lakes, as well as Asian and African ponds and other animals. In the Vladivostok Oceanarium, you can contemplate both a living and a dry exposition. They are located in three exhibition halls, the area of which, if combined, will be more than 1500 square meters. The collection of museum exhibits has more than a thousand copies, and aquariums contain more than 120 species of hydrobionts, which is approximately two thousand copies.

One of the largest aquariums is designed for a volume of water of about thirty tons. Just imagine what fish or ocean animals can live there.

What can you see?

The list of expositions is quite significant. Every tourist, having bought a ticket at the ticket office in the Vladivostok Oceanarium at a relatively low cost, can look at his own eyes:

• inhabitants of fresh waters of the Far East;

• inhabitants of the Peter the Great Bay;

• motley fish of tropical seas;

• quaint inhabitants of the seas (Japanese, Okhotsk) in cold water aquariums;

• Aquarium fish (ornamental);

• diorama "rookery of seals and a bird market";

• Biogroups with albatrosses, amusing penguins and magnificent coral reefs;

• showcases with collections of sea shells, sponges, corals, etc .;

• Amphibious predators are represented in the aquarium, such as, for example, crocodiles;

• and even have a collection of beautiful live butterflies.

Exhibition exhibits of the oceanarium in Vladivostok include rare species of marine animals. Here they are collected in one place, you do not need to travel to different countries to see them. There are also rare exhibits: the skull of a sea cow (stellerovaya), and also the embryo of a sea otter.

Where is?

As already mentioned, you need to visit the Vladivostok Oceanarium. Its address is the city of Vladivostok, Batareinaya Street, 4, the Sports Quay area.

History of the Oceanarium of Vladivostok

The history of the institution is not too long. The Vladivostok Oceanarium was created in 1990, that is, it is a relatively young object. And to design it started back in 1987. The creative group began to work on this project, after which it was implemented by the project of the institute "Primorgrazhdanproekt". The architect of the building took over the management of the building. Altaisky, and the direct participation was taken by the specialists of the Department of Architecture of FEPI.

Technical equipment and installation was made by the Japanese company NITI Corporation.

July 12, 1991 - Fisherman's Day - was the day of the solemn opening of the Vladivostok Oceanarium. It was then that he received his first visitors.

The head of the city of Vladivostok eight years later, in 1999, to conduct the activities of the Oceanarium, the company "Aquamir" was established. Thanks to this, the aquarium has acquired an attractive appearance, the surrounding area has been arranged and the exposition is constantly updated. This attracts visitors here, forcing to visit the oceanarium again and again, to observe the unusual beauty of the underwater world.

Thanks to the laborious work of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Aquamir", the collection of the oceanarium is constantly expanding and updating.

From February to March 2002 there was a reconstruction of the expositions. A new one has been created. It is represented by living inhabitants of tropical ponds.

In 2010 (in May), the façade of the building was updated. These changes made the oceanarium one of the most beautiful sights of Vladivostok.

In six months the building acquired a more modern and aesthetic appearance.

That's the whole story of the famous oceanarium. Pretty small, I must say.

To date, the aquarium is one of the main attractions of the city, which is visited with interest by adults and children, visitors and residents of the city itself.

Vladivostok Oceanarium. Opening hours

He works every day. The Vladivostok Oceanarium opens its doors for visitors on Mondays from eleven in the morning, from Tuesday to Sunday - from ten o'clock in the morning. And the Vladivostok Oceanarium is closing for visitors after six o'clock in the evening.

Cost of visiting the institution

The prices for tickets to the oceanarium are quite acceptable and have their differences for various categories of citizens. For many, of course, there are benefits.

• For example, children under five years of age, disabled and veterans of the Second World War, as well as servicemen are provided free access to the aquarium;

• Children from 6 to 14 years old can go by ticket to the Vladivostok Oceanarium, paying one hundred and fifty rubles for it;

• Admission ticket price for adults is 250 rubles, this amount is the highest price of the ticket, which, you must agree, is quite inexpensive.

A small conclusion

Thus, the Vladivostok Oceanarium is undoubtedly worth a visit. There are many different exhibits, fancy fish, from the smallest to the largest. There are also various amusing crabs from far Kamchatka and small sea-horses, an interesting octopus from the Pacific Ocean is presented to the attention. By the way, all octopuses are color blind, do not distinguish colors, as well, and some pets, such as dogs and cats. And they do not hear sounds, but they are perfectly developed sense of touch.

From the oceanarium go, having received a lot of pleasant impressions and positive emotions. Arriving in Vladivostok, it is worth to visit this wonderful world of marine life. It is worth noting that you can book tours here. Guide will gladly tell about all the inhabitants of the oceanarium. Just order an excursion to the Vladivostok Oceanarium (Vladivostok), a photo of which is presented in the article. In order not to look at the fish in the picture, but to see them with your own eyes.

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