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"Siberian pearl", recreation center (Novosibirsk): reviews

Novosibirsk is the southernmost metropolis of Siberia. In addition to local residents, a large number of tourists come here every year. The city is surrounded by a virgin taiga, which contributes to the growth and development of various sanatoriums and tourist centers. Each of them offers you unique conditions for excellent rest and restoring health. Today, the Siberian Pearl is at the center of our attention. The recreation center (Novosibirsk) is the smell of pine needles and fresh air, hospitable administration, cozy rooms.

Where is the

From the name it is already clear in which part of the vast Russia it can be found. "Siberian Pearl" (recreation center, Novosibirsk) is located on the shores of the Ob Sea. Around it lies a magnificent pine forest, which only adds to its popularity. It was opened in 2014, near the village of Kirza. From Novosibirsk it is worth to travel along the Ordynsky route, in total you are 130 km long. The city has an office, its address: st. Stationary house 60/2. The manager will gladly explain to you how to get to him in the fastest way.


What does the Siberian Pearl offer to its guests? The recreation center (Novosibirsk) is not only a stunningly beautiful place, but also excellent service. A unique microclimate awaits you, which ensures the proximity of the Ob Sea and the pine forest. Be sure that you will definitely want to return here again many times. Forest trails and the absence of noisy highways, comfortable beach - all this creates unique conditions for an excellent holiday.

We were a little carried away by the description of natural beauties. Let's return to what conditions for recreation offers you the "Siberian Pearl", the recreation center of Novosibirsk. On the territory there are modern buildings of cottage type. Each of them offers comfortable double rooms for tourists. In addition, you will find a cafe-dining room, a banquet hall, a sports and children's playground, gazebos and a bath, and a luxury beach.

Rest for all

Each hostel is designed for a certain category of holidaymakers. In this regard, the "Siberian Pearl" is universal. The recreation center in Novosibirsk, photo of which shows a cozy and well-groomed corner, is ideal for family holidays and pastime with children of any age. Judging by the reviews, the base is ideal for individual rest and corporate group. Here you can perfectly celebrate holidays and celebrations, spend a holiday or just relax on a day off.

Guest Accommodation

We will not provide advertising information that is widely available on official travel agency websites. We want to find out what the "Siberian Pearl" really is (the recreation center, Novosibirsk). Feedback will give us much more useful information, so to speak, first-hand. So, the camp works around the clock. And the one who traveled in winter, was very pleased with the rest.

There is not a single response from a tourist who does not like the conditions of accommodation. All rooms are very modern, equipped with plastic windows and mosquito nets, heating radiators. They are used all year round. On each floor there are coolers with hot and cold water.

Number of rooms and rates

You can choose the option according to your budget. Once again, we emphasize that each of the rooms is very cozy and clean, so you can not worry that vacation can be spoiled by everyday conditions. The category "economy" is a small room measuring 15 square meters, which is equipped with a double bed and a plasma TV. The room has a bathroom and a shower, two sets of towels are provided daily. The rent is 2500 rubles per day.

If you like open space, then especially for you there is a variant of "big economy". The area of this room is 20 square meters, and in addition, there is a veranda. However, most often the choice of tourists becomes the standard number. Its cost is 3500 rubles, and this is an excellent option for those who are going to spend on the base not one day. There is a comfortable entrance hall and wardrobe in which you can place all things. It is possible to arrange an extra seat.

Deluxe rooms are the best that can offer you here. It consists of two full rooms and an entrance hall with a wardrobe. It is a living room with a sofa and armchairs, a bedroom and a veranda with two entrances to the terrace.

Cost of food

This service is not included in the accommodation. You can bring food with you or go to the local dining room. The cost of food is 1100 rubles per day for an adult. A child up to 12 years old is entitled to a 50% discount. If you want to completely relax from the bustle, then be sure to use this service. You will certainly be surprised by your service "Siberian Pearl". The recreation center (Novosibirsk), photo of which we will mention in the article, is famous for its excellent cuisine. Despite the fact that the institution has the status of a dining room, it could give odds to some restaurants. The menu is very diverse, the dishes are delicious and quality. Even children are happy to eat their portions and ask for an additive.

Tourists about holidays

Do the tourists like the Siberian Pearl (recreation center, Novosibirsk)? Flamph reviews have long been known to Russians, reports on visiting the best places in Russia are published on this site. It is here that you can find reliable feedback from former tourists. They say that this is a great base, clean, new and not crowded. The rooms are brand new and so radiant that it seems you are the first guest.

The area is small, but for rest there is all that is needed. And importantly, it is fenced, which means that you do not have to worry that the child will leave the base. There is a sauna and pavilions with barbecue facilities, karaoke and billiards, as well as table tennis. For children there is a playroom, slides and a sandbox.

Separate words of gratitude sound to the administration of the recreation center. Very hospitable and friendly people work here. Upon arrival, you immediately meet the administrator, shows the main objects and populates into the room. A huge advantage in the summer is the beautiful pool. All tourists note that it would be a great pleasure to come back here again and again.

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