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What should a child be able to do in a year

With each month your baby more and more surprises you, developing by leaps and bounds. Very soon he will be a year old, and then days and years will fly one after another ... Therefore, as long as possible, enjoy every moment spent by a child, taking care of him and his proper growth.

What should a child be able to do in 11 months? First, the baby or baby should be able to get up, holding on to the support. Secondly, independently or with the support to walk, holding the hand of adults, to climb or descend the stairs, although, rather, this is what a child should know a year. Many babies by this time know how to hold a spoon, sometimes they are with her without the help of his mother, and also drink not from the drinker, but from the cup. Help the kid to develop during this period, show him the forms, colors, play the invented games. In addition, learn to refuse and say the word "impossible." Begin learning combing, brushing teeth and individual hygiene conditions. Show what is dirty and what is clean. Explain to the child that there is nothing to eat from the floor. In addition, you should spend as much time as possible among children, so that your baby does not grow up closed.

What should a child be able to do in a year? Of course, the most important thing is to explain yourself. Naturally, it is not a speech like that of adults, but at least be able to explain what he needs right now. This is the same age when the formation of the speech device is going on, so do not include children in cartoons, but give preference to books. Play the game "What is this?". First, ask and answer yourself, and after a few days the baby will start to repeat after you and he will answer many questions.

Try in 12 months to conduct a small test and find out if your child can do everything the child should be able to do in a year. Give the baby a box in the hands, inside which will be a small ball or ball. Open and close, each time showing that the ball is inside. The last time take out the contents of the box and show the child. The kid will just start looking for the ball.

In a year the child can and itself build a tower from cubes or collect a pyramid. In addition, it can show puppets, cars, other toys or books.

In the list of what a child should be able to do in a year, one can include friendship with children. But this does not mean that your baby will equally love all children in the world. No, it's just that he will have "friends" who will like him and from which the baby will take an example.

The most fascinating in this period is the words spoken by the child. Usually they are understood only by parents. It is worth thinking about how to buy a notebook and fix every new statement of the child. In a few years it will be very interesting to view these records.

In a year the kid is able to catch the intonation of adults, he can quite distinguish the conversation on high tones from a quarrel. In addition, he begins to be cautious. If you explain that the oven or the plate is hot, he will start to walk around them. At this age, children are very inquisitive, and besides do not have the instinct of self-preservation. Put foreign objects in the respiratory tract, swallow something for him once to spit! So do not let the child out of sight for a minute. In six months everything will become much easier, but for now you need to be patient and teach the baby what the child should be able to do in a year.

Only six months will pass , the child will begin to talk, run, play independently, and also understand what he needs and what does not. It is at this age that terrible whims start. You need to find the strength and be able to say "no", then the process of education will be fairly easy. What should a child be able to do in 1.5 years? Running, jumping, singing along to the rhythm, uttering a few poems. Be able to distinguish favorite cartoons, play dolls, ride a small bicycle and much more.

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