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Corridors for the development of the child. Early development of children, for or against

Probably, each of us has ever come across the notion of "child development corridors". Of course, all parents want their children to be fully educated. And here comes the question of how much early development is necessary and useful. Is it worth it to deal with a child from a tender age? There is such a thing as "child development corridors". These are just the stages to which the ripening of a small person as a whole person is divided.

There is no common opinion about what early development is, but if we look at it from the other side, we can say that this is the result of parents' lessons with the baby, when he is ahead of his own time, that is, he starts doing something earlier , Than it could be. Summarizing all the methods of early development of children, it can be said that it covers children from 6 months to 3 years old.

Today in many parents' magazines and on websites you can learn a lot of information about the upbringing of children. But nevertheless there are some features of development of children of early age. You can develop your child using the following methods.

Methodology by Maria Montessori

The meaning of her method is that the training is completely lacking the class-lesson system, as well as the assessment system. The child has the opportunity to choose what to do with him, with whom and for what period of time. It is assumed that there is a special development material that allows the child to study independently, find and correct his mistakes. This method is used, taking into account the corridors of child development, and encourages children to teach each other, to help and cooperate. Between teachers and parents, full and equal cooperation is established. Maria Montessori has developed games for children of different ages. Among them we can distinguish:

  1. Pool for fingers. To do this, take a 5-liter bottle of water and fill it with any croup. Place small rubber toys and cubes there and ask the child to find them. Such a game develops small motor skills of the hands.
  2. Pick up the cap. This will require bubbles, jars, bottles with lids of different sizes. You need to open the lids and mix them, and then invite the baby to find the lid for jars and bottles on their own.

Methods of early development Masaru Ibuki

According to Ibuki, every kid absorbs information like a sponge, so it can easily be taught to any foreign language, swimming, music and much more. He also argued that with the child you can not lisp, but you need to talk with him as an adult. After a while, he will be able to speak with his parents in a clean and understandable language. It is often necessary to take the child in his arms, because, thus, he feels better connected with his mother. You can not ignore the child, because it's much worse than even pampering him. Between parents, one must try to maintain peace, since even a newborn feels when the parents are at loggerheads.

It can be concluded that early admission to the classes has its positive aspects, and the child development corridors play an important role in this, since at each age stage the kids are interested in a certain type of activity. Therefore, to deal with children from a very young age or wait and let them do it themselves, to solve to parents.

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