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How to teach a child to a pot? Komarovsky: advice to young mothers

The process of learning a child begins with the very first days of a baby's life. And he consists not only of various pedagogical methods, but mostly of ordinary life experience - the knowledge of the world by trial and error. That is, the child learns everything that he sees around him. However, there comes a time when the baby has to be accustomed to special activities that concern him exclusively. It is on this topic that I want to stop now. How to accustom a child to a pot (Komarovsky and his technique), what to do, and what actions are best to refuse, so as not to injure the psyche of his crumbs - this will be further discussed.

About the willingness of the baby to the pot

While the baby is still very small, he perceives the pot as a toy. This is for him only a piece of furniture. The crumb does not yet understand all its importance and necessity. So do not scold your child if he starts playing with a pot. By the way, it is very important not to miss this moment, because this is an excellent occasion to begin to teach the baby to this hitherto unknown object. You can try to plant toys on it, try to sit down the baby. But if the crumb rests and cries much, while you need to leave this venture for a while. Most likely, the baby is just not ready.

Here it is worth to say that if mothers start to plant their baby on the pot at the age of 8-9 months, and the baby does everything that is supposed, it is possible to speak only about a properly developed reflex. The kid will write in the pot completely unconsciously. This can be achieved mainly by the method of training (most often if punishment is used). There can be no question of controlled urination at such a young age. And all because the child's nervous system is not completely ready for this yet.

More specifically about figures

At the age of up to one year, the pot for the child is not yet a conscious toilet item. As it was said above, it is perceived by a toddler, rather, as a toy or an object of an interior. Until the first year of life, the crumb can, of course, be introduced to him, but this will have virtually no effect and will only lengthen the training time. Consciousness, concept and, most importantly, the first signs of self-control to the baby come about at the age of 18 months. Someone might happen a few months earlier, but mostly later. We must understand that all the figures are arbitrary. And you just need to know your crumb to understand if the child is ready for planting on the pot.

About day and night plantings

Studying how to teach a child to a pot, Komarovsky also says that you need to take into account the time of day. If in a year and a half the baby can begin to control the desires of his body in the daytime, then with the night period things are not so simple. At night, children can be written even before the age of 4. And in this there is nothing terrible. After all, the average age of night control in children is about 3-3.5 years. Parents should not forget about this.

About the child's readiness indicators

Often, moms and dads are wondering how to accustom a child to a pot in a year? Is it possible to teach crumbs such skills? Pediatricians claim that there are certain indicators that will tell you that the baby is fully ready for planting:

  • The pot for the child is not terrible, the kid is not afraid of him and sometimes even tries to sit down on him, even without taking off his panties.
  • One of the signs of a child's readiness is his ability to walk and sit on his own.
  • The next indicator - the child can tell his parents about their desires, the needs of the body.
  • Kroha understands when adults address him with various requests.
  • One of the signs is that the child understands the commands of the parents.
  • If the child understands the praise and encouragement from adults, he is also partially ready for planting on the pot.
  • Komarovsky argues that if the baby shows his dissatisfaction with a full diaper or wet panties, he is also ready for training.

If all these indicators, or at least most of them are present, experts are sure that you can begin the process of training crumbs to your potty.

The time when to start learning is not worth it

It sometimes happens that a child is afraid of a pot, he is uncomfortable to be on it. This indicates that it is not yet time for the first habituation to this toilet item. However, it is necessary to strictly delineate the child's manipulative behavior and really fear or discomfort. Other indicators, which indicate that the first planting should be delayed:

  1. During the nervous tension of the baby or his illness, it is not necessary to start the learning processes.
  2. The time of change is not the best hour for potty training. If the family moves around, is about to be replenished, etc., it's already stress for the crumbs. And training in this period will be ineffective.
  3. And the last point - the lack of the above skills, which indicate the willingness of the baby to plant on the pot.

About choosing a pot

What should the process of instruction begin with? Of course, with the right choice of the pot! What should it be? Manufacturers today offer a huge choice. It can be a musical pot for children, in the form of a horse or a typewriter, with and without back. Dr. Komarovsky advises you to choose the simplest. In this case, the crumb will not perceive the pot as a toy. A musical pot and does run the risk of developing a reflex to defecate to music, which as a result will be a big problem. The rules for choosing this toilet:

  1. As already mentioned above, the pot should be the easiest. The only thing - you can choose the color that most like the child.
  2. The presence of a backrest does not interfere. The kid should be comfortable sitting on his "throne."
  3. It should be remembered that the legs of the crumb should be at a right angle (or the knees can be slightly raised). This is very important, because otherwise the baby risks earning hemorrhoids or rectum cracks, constantly pressing down on the diaphragm with his feet.
  4. The pot should also be as stable as possible. A kid can turn around while sitting on it, and if he falls several times, he may refuse to sit down at all.

Stages of potty training: introduction

So, how to teach a child to a pot? Komarovsky advises not to hurry, and the process of teaching is divided into several important stages. The first is familiarization. So, it's good, if the purchase of a pot mother will go along with her child. Kroha can choose exactly what he likes. You just need to remember that you should not doubt the choice of the baby. So, the pot was bought. Now it needs to be placed in the child's room in a prominent place. It is necessary to try to explain to the child what it is and for what the given object is intended. It is best to illustrate your stories with pictures from books or an example of planting a favorite soft toy on a pot. Do not immediately try to put a child there. Let him get used to the new resident of his room.

The first planting

It is worth remembering that if the child does not sit down on the pot, do not insist on it. You just need to forget about this science for a few days and get distracted. And after a while again try. So, the first planting should be done at the most convenient hours for a bowel movement: after a dream or half an hour after eating. In this case, the result will be visible to the child. And, of course, do not forget that the crumb should be praised after done. Encouraging children is perceived very positively.

If the first time the child does not want to take off his panties and sit down on the pot, you can not yet require it. It is good, if the kid at least sits on this subject. This period generally takes from one week to 10 days.

Conscious campaigns

We are going to further learn how to teach a child to a pot. Komarovsky says that if the crumb is no longer afraid of this piece of furniture and is comfortable with it, you can plant it more often. Approximately every 2-3 hours. Often, mothers this period is called "catch piss." That is, parents are just trying to catch the moment when the child may want to defecate. This must necessarily be accompanied by questions about whether the child wants to write. Formulate them in a convenient form for their own sake. This stage also lasts about ten days.

However, do not completely adhere to the numbers. After all, all children develop differently, each kid requires a certain time for training. For someone, the whole process of training can take a month and a half, and someone - for six months.

About the training and quick learning

Some parents are sincerely sure that it is possible to accustom the crumb to the pot very quickly. Especially having read articles "we teach a child to a pot for 7 days" or the like. To do this, of course, you can. However, only by intimidating your baby. Yes, many parents boast that their children are already asking for a pot per year. However, they never tell anyone, at what price they do it. If you beat and scold your child after every urination in your pants, keep the crumb for half an hour on the pot until the result is visible, and you can achieve quick training, of course. But is it worth it so to scoff at your child, distorting his psyche from the earliest years? How, in this case, to act - only the parents of the crumb decide.

How not to discourage the baby from going to the pot

There are three main taboos that all parents should remember:

  1. You can not insist and force a child to sit on a pot if he does not want to do it.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to keep the baby on the pot violently.
  3. You can not scold the crumb for what he pissed in his pants. At first, to control the desires of his body to the child will still be very difficult.

If the parents did at least one of the above mistakes, they risk discouraging the baby from landing on the pot. It should also be remembered that such behavior of the child can be the most common protest against the violent actions of adults. The sense of this will not be exact.

About diapers and a pot

How much does a pot for children cost? Its price depends on many factors. The cheapest of them costs about 100 rubles, and the upper bounds of value do not exist. But, having bought this toilet item, it is necessary to remember that it is not necessary to sharply refuse diapers. Especially as pediatricians claim that wearing them does not affect the process of accustoming to a pot. For the first time, diapers will be needed for night and daytime sleep. It is also difficult without them to do for a walk. But gradually still have to give up diapers, but only not to the detriment of the child.

As a small conclusion I want to say that whether the child has a pot with a back, in the form of a horse or a musical, the whole process of learning depends only on the parents. It must be remembered that it is important to be patient and calm. You also need to be consistent in your decisions. That is, deciding to teach your baby, you need to do this regularly, not arranging yourself or a break for a day or even a week. And most importantly, the whole process in a child should be associated with a good mood. Only in this case the result will not keep you waiting, and the learning process will pass without the child's tears.

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