What reviews does Bodrum receive from travelers?

The ruins of ancient civilizations, rich in cultural and historical heritage, picturesque landscapes, interesting entertainment programs, favorable climatic conditions attract tourists to Bodrum. Reviews from travelers this city receives only positive, every year here rests not only the Turkish, but also the European elite. Many poets, writers, composers, musicians come to this resort, so it's not surprising that the place is filled with an atmosphere of romance and comfort.

Tourists are impressed by the beauty of the local coves and bays, the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the landscapes of seaside villages, lovely guest houses, luxury hotels, a forested area, a shoreline. On the ground there are not so many places, though a bit similar to Bodrum. Reviews from travelers about this place are only enthusiastic, because here you can admire the golden beaches, rocky peaks, orange groves, retire in the bay with clear clear water.

The city has a good location, therefore at one time it was an apple of discord for many peoples. In the 15th century, knights of the Hospitallers lived here. They left behind the main architectural landmark of Bodrum - St. Peter's Castle. For its construction, the remains of the tomb of King Mausoleum were used. It was during the analysis of the ruins that the knights discovered the treasury of the ruler with innumerable riches. The castle was built over many years, it was built by Germans, Frenchmen, Englishmen who considered their property Bodrum. Reviews of tourists about the towers are full of admiration, because each building is unique and interesting in its own way.

In the west, the entrance of the city served as the gateway to Mindos. They are known for being built in 364 BC. And served as the protection of the city during the reign of King Mausoleum. One of the protective towers has survived to this day. In memory of the Romans remained an amphitheater, located on the hillside. Healthy mineral water also has Bodrum. Reviews of the grotto of Karaada speak of the beneficial effects of these waters. This place is located outside the city. Mineral water flows from the rocks and is suitable for swimming, the locals say that it is capable of changing color.

Active tourists will certainly enjoy the holiday in Bodrum. Reviews of the night life of the city prompt the desire to come here and see all this magnificence with your own eyes. In Bodrum, there is a chic disco, almost every hotel has its own beach and club. Nightlife is very rich and fun, the youth here really enjoy. In the city there are many magnificent sandy beaches, some of them for the faultless purity awarded the European Blue Flag.

Travelers to Bodrum are going for new impressions and full rest. Excursions reviews from vacationers receive only positive, because there is something to see here. You can rent a car and drive yourself around the city and its surroundings in order to view in detail and leisurely interesting sights, to admire the scenic view of the surrounding nature, to discover the culture and traditions of the East.

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