What is decoupage. brief information

The word "decoupage" from the French language can be translated as "carving", it is on this process that mastery is based.

By the way, even Madame Pompadour herself used a similar kind of needlework for decorating objects. It was France that became the ancestor of decoupage, from there art spread throughout Europe. By the way, in some countries there were even own schools for studying and improving this technique (among them Poland, Germany, China).

What is decoupage? It is the decoration of various objects with pieces of cloth, scraps from magazines and newspapers, cardboard. Such elements are glued to the surface of the object to be decorated, and then they are covered with varnish, paints or other coloring substances in order to give an attractive appearance to the object. For example, it can be decoupage bottles, it is often complete. Subsequently, it is presented as a souvenir or an original gift for the wedding.

As a basis, you can choose glass products, porcelain or clay, plastic or wooden. You can decorate furniture, accessories, for example, mirrors or vases, or you can create whole compositions on photo frames or an amazing tea set.

Decoupage of wedding bottles is very simple: use pictures from magazines or beautiful vinyl wallpapers. Cut out the desired images, and then, degreasing the surface of the bottle, paste the pictures. After the adhesive layer has dried, paint the joints or transitions between the pictures, you can use beautiful gold or silver tones, in addition use bows, rhinestones or other similar accessories. Then the masterpiece obtained must be varnished in several layers, each of which must dry.

The most important thing is to choose the right images, that is, the paper must be sufficiently dense to not creep up after application of the glue, and the drawing should be placed on one side, so that it does not appear after getting wet. Specialists in decoupage are advised to use postcards or paper to wrap gifts. By the way, to make out not flat surfaces, but, for example, curved (decoupage on a bottle), use small pictures. Thus, after the glue dries, they will not stick out or distort the pattern due to the concave or curved surface of the object.

Similarly, you can decorate even screens made with your own hands. A very interesting gift will be an album made in the style of decoupage, it can be presented for such holidays as the birth of a baby or marriage.

What is decoupage? This is a whole art, here the fantasy and inner world of man are manifested. You can create an amazing masterpiece even from a simple box.

If you decide to look for the answer to the question about what decoupage is, prepare yourself for getting a lot of answers, among which there are very interesting and cognitive master classes on this kind of needlework. You will be offered to decorate or update the interior, adding an unusual table, the table top of which will be made in the technique of decoupage. An antique cupboard can be decorated with an amazing ornament, using it instead of expensive stained glass, and, of course, lampshades, cute cup or book stands, flower pots or vases.

At the end of the article I want to make a small conclusion about what decoupage is. This is the inner world of man, this is the flight of his fantasy, world perception and attitude, sometimes it is an emotional explosion or the consequences of the experiences experienced. In addition to the above, it is also a great opportunity to know yourself, as well as create a unique man-made gift that is valued much more than purchased products.

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