What attracts Berdyansk? Zoo of the city: description

The article will be of interest to those who are going to visit Berdyansk. Zoo in this city is very good and interesting. Igor Kalchenko created it. On the territory of a private zoo there is plenty of space for walking parents with children. Having got into the wonderful world of exotic animals and plants, walking along the paths of the zoo, you will feel like real discoverers who show the world wild animals of Africa, Asia and America.

This park is a unique place. There are a lot of different animals, both domestic and wild. Everyone who visits this place, can find the beast under his temperament.

Zoo: description

This is the first zoo in Berdyansk (photo above), which was built in Ukraine during the period of its independence. Initially, it was located on a mountainside in a small area. For the residents of the city, the appearance of the zoo was a real surprise. Only in this place it was possible to see more than thirty species of animals that are listed in the International Red Book and the Red Book of Ukraine.

Also here you can get acquainted with the collection (consisting of 130 specimens) of exotic animals in detail. In 2004, the zoo "Safari" (Berdyansk) was visited by more than fifty thousand people. Much attention in this area is paid to the promotion of environmental and environmental problems.

A real celebration for the guests of Berdyansk and its residents was the Open Day. During the days of the action, people have the opportunity to watch animals free of charge.
From the very beginning, the staff of this park began work to reproduce the disappearing animals and preserve the gene pool.

During the existence of this zoo, six babies of the Far Eastern leopard were born, although in the world there are only forty individuals of this species. Only Far Eastern leopards are born in Canada and the Berdyansk Zoo.

Between 2005 and the present, six lions were born. A real sensation was caused by the birth of white cubs. Lions were born in October 2008. White lions are unique animals, not only for menageries around the world, but also for wildlife. There are no more than seventy individuals on Earth. In the territory of the former USSR, there were never born white lions.

Four Ussuri tiger cubs were born between 2007 and 2008. This species is listed in the International Red Book. There are no more than two hundred Ussuri tigers left in the world.

Ten noses, twenty raccoon raccoons, four monkeys, two camels, a European doe, four porcupines, four Himalayan bear cubs and a llama were also born in the zoo.

All these kids, of course, pleased those who came to Berdyansk, visited the zoo. Also, these data allow us to say that in this place favorable conditions have been created for the birth rate of animals and their life.

New "Safari"

In 2009, a new zoo was opened. It created a comfortable environment for animals and birds. Large cages and cells were installed. Also in the zoo there are artificial ponds with islands of sand. On the territory of "Safari" there are green plantations.

There are rare and exotic bushes and trees. In the zoo you can see such plants as mountain lavender, blue juniper, alpine carnation and Canadian spruce. There is also a wonderful rosary where twenty kinds of roses are represented.

The new park presents new expositions. Also here scientific and cultural-educational work is conducted. There is also a Club of young people in the zoological garden. More than forty children are involved here. In the future, the club is planned to expand to one hundred and fifty people. Also, the management plans to make additional special sections.

The creation of the zoo is of great social importance, its work is aimed at developing the spirituality of the people and supporting the image of the country. Note that for disabled children and children from the orphanage, doors are always open in this zoo.

The existence of this safari park is known in more than twenty countries of the world.

Zoo (Berdyansk): working hours, ticket prices

Works seven days a week - from nine in the morning until eight in the evening. The cost of an adult ticket is 150 UAH (about 375 rubles). The price of a child is 100 UAH (250 rubles). A child of up to three years can visit "Safari" for free. Sometimes, the zoo holds promotions, then tickets are cheaper. For large groups discounts are possible. About them it is necessary to learn from the administration of "Safari".

Zoo (Berdyansk): address. How can I get to?

There is a menagerie at the address: Berdyansk, Pearl Street, 5. How to get there? You can get there by minibuses No. 17, 15. You need to get out at the stop of the Red Carnation Center.

You can also go on minibus No. 5/2 to the stop "Zoo". You can also get there by car or taxi.

Guest Reviews

People who visited Berdyansk, the zoo, were satisfied. They say that the menagerie is very good. The animals here are beautiful, clean and well maintained.

In this place you will not meet thin animals. Guests of the park like to feed animals. You can buy snacks at the entrance. The cost of one package with food is about ten to fifteen hryvnia (25-40 rubles). Although there is more expensive food for animals. As the visitors say, the kids feed the animals with great pleasure.

A small conclusion

Now you know what Berdyansk is interesting. The zoo in this city is truly beautiful. It must be seen by every person. Babies here will be especially interesting. Adults also do not get bored here.

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