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We understand, than treat a cough in children

All children, unfortunately, get sick from time to time. And every mother should know how to treat the most common diseases so that in the shortest possible time be able to provide the child the necessary help.

About coughing

Before deciding what cough is treated in children, it is necessary to define the very concept of "coughing", and when it is necessary to treat it. So, these are respiratory diseases of a different nature. However, before giving the baby a certain medicine or medicine, it is worth determining why the child coughs. It is not uncommon for a situation that a crumb can thus simply attract the attention of eternally busy parents.

Blocking the reflex

So, what are cures for children? A doctor can prescribe non-narcotic drugs that simply block out a reflex of the human body like a cough. After all, this is just a symptom of a certain disease, a kind of beacon to the patient, that something is wrong with the respiratory tract. These are such drugs as Butamirat, Glaucin, Oxeladin. These drugs are not addictive and relieve crumbs from an exhausting dry cough that does not respond to treatment with other drugs. It should be remembered that during the reception of these medications, it is strictly forbidden to take other antitussive medications.

Narcotic drugs

Even than coughing in children? If the baby has a dry cough that is not treated in any way, the doctor can, at most, prescribe such narcotic substances as Codeine, Dimmarfan. They are designed to block this reflex, while affecting the brain of the child. Often can cause addiction to the body, so they are appointed very rarely, and in the most severe cases. Such drugs are used in the treatment of whooping cough or pleurisy. In parallel, taking other antitussive drugs is strictly prohibited. It should also be noted that these drugs are prescribed only by a doctor and it is simply impossible to buy them without a prescription.


We understand further, than cough for children. It is good to take mucolytic drugs with this reflex. They are divided into several subgroups. The first: mucolytics, called to dilute sputum, - "ACTS", "Ambroxol", "Bromgeksin." These drugs do not block the cough reflex, but they give a significant relief. They are used mainly in bronchitis, pneumonia. A broader group is represented by expectorant medications - Mukaltin, Solutan, Bronholitin, etc. These drugs are the answer to the question "how to treat a wet cough for a child?". Basically, these medicines contain various herbs that help the mucus to escape from the bronchi. However, it should be noted that it is strictly forbidden to take antitussive and expectorant drugs together, since such actions are fraught with congestion of bronchi with viscous sputum.


If the child cough is a consequence of the common cold, it is recommended to use combination drugs that have an antitussive, expectorant and diluting effect. These are such medicines as "Doctor Mom" and "Kodelak Fito".


How to treat a cough for a one-year-old child? Here, in the first place, it is best to try to fight the problem with folk methods. The baby should be given plenty of drinks - warm tea, water with honey and lemon. You can make special home-made medicines: three parts of boiled water (warm), mix with a piece of honey and olive oil (give the medicine as often as possible); In a glass of milk boil art. Spoon of sage, cook infusion of 10 minutes, give the crumb before bed. These homemade medicines perfectly fight with a cough, unnecessarily not loading the baby's body.

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