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We prepare salad fachoza in Chinese, in Korean and in Italian

In Russia it is common to call rice noodles and noodles made from starch. Rice noodles are made white when boiled, but starch becomes almost transparent, so it is sometimes called "glass noodles".

On the basis of fuchozy prepare a variety of dishes. It's hot, and snacks, especially popular with our chefs salad fuchoza.

It should be said that the taste of the ready-made dish will not to a small extent depend on the quality of the starch noodles purchased. Therefore, when choosing this product, you should pay attention to color, odor and density. Funchoza good quality has the form of translucent threads with a grayish tinge. In spite of the fact that the fungus can be of different thicknesses, it must be brittle, that is, it is easy to break. In the event that the threads of starch noodles bend, not breaking, and look muddy, from the purchase of this product should be abstained. Also, it is worthwhile to put aside a pack of feces if the noodles look stuck together. A good fuccoza has a slight aroma of walnut, but if some strange odor comes from the noodles, then it is no longer possible to cook a delicious dish from it.

After we have chosen high-quality starch noodles. We will have to learn how to cook it properly. Regardless of what dish you plan to make, you need to pre-boil it. To do this, take a large enough pot and pour water there at a rate of one liter per hundred grams of noodles. In addition, a liter of water should be added a teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of vegetable oil.

Funchosa is boiled for 3-4 minutes depending on the thickness of the filaments. It is very important not to digest noodles, it is necessary that it, although it became soft, but remained elastic. If you have acquired a thin fecese, which is released in the form of a kind of "glomeruli", then when you boil it, you can use the following method. We pass through a "ball of" noodles a long strong thread, which we tie in a ring. We lower the noodles in the center of the pan, in which water is already boiling (with the addition of salt and butter), cook for three minutes. Then, using a thread, quickly remove our "skein" from the water, put it in a colander and fill it with cold water. Then put the cooked funiculum on a cutting board and cut it using a well ground knife (without forgetting, of course, before removing the thread).

You can prepare salad fachoza according to different recipes. For example, let's make a salad fachoza in Chinese. For three packets of starch noodles we take three sweet peppers, a couple of peeled carrots, half a long salad cucumber, a few cloves of garlic, soy sauce, vegetable oil, vinegar.

We prepare the function as described above. We cut the vegetables with thin and long straws, then pass them in oil. It is convenient to pass the vegetables in a special frying pan called wok, however, in the absence of such dishes, you can use a conventional frying pan. Long fry vegetables do not need, it is important that they retain their original color.

Then add to the vegetables crushed garlic, noodles and heat all together for one to two minutes, stirring intensively. Salt our salad, add soy sauce and vinegar.

And how to cook a funch in Korean? When preparing this salad, a ready-made snack "carrots in Korean" is used, which can be bought in cooking or made independently. There are a lot of salad recipes from Korean fuchsia, consider one of them, which uses minced meat. Three hundred grams of ground beef will require two hundred grams of fucose, two hundred and fifty grams of ready-made Korean carrots, one long salad cucumber, a pair of onions. And also vegetable oil, pepper (black and red), greens, coriander.

Fry thinly chopped onions, then add minced meat to it and fry until ready, seasoning the mince with salt and coriander. Cucumber cut in half and cut into thin semirings, a little salted and set aside.

We boil the feces as described above, and cut it fairly finely. Now we mix in the cup fuczozu, Korean carrots, cucumber (the allocated juice should be drained) and the prepared forcemeat with onions. Stir in the prepared salad and season with pepper until desired. Let's stand for about twenty minutes and serve, sprinkled with herbs. Similarly, you can prepare salad fachoza. Using instead of minced beef lean beef, which in the frosted form must be cut into thin straws.

But the recipe for cooking fuchsozy in Italian. First, bake pancakes, preparing a dough of four eggs, two tablespoons of mayonnaise and the same amount of flour, and let them cool. Then cut them into strips.

In the meantime, we will boil the feces and cut it small. Add three hundred grams of ham, cut into small cubes, into the bowl to the prepared starch noodles, as well sliced pickled cucumbers (3-4 pieces) and chopped garlic. We mix, pour "noodles" from pancakes and dress with mayonnaise. If the salad seems unsalted, then season it with salt. Salad ready!

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