"Vetonit 5000": technical specifications, consumption and instructions for use

The world famous manufacturer of dry mixtures and building materials "Vetonit" for several years produces a quality coarse-grained and fast-hardening equalizer "Vetonit 5000". It is a quick-setting mortar based on cement. Does not contain casein, therefore it is safe for health. "Vetonit 5000", technical characteristics, consumption, properties of which will be considered in the article, is successfully used for starting (rough) leveling of floors. It is used in offices, public buildings and living quarters.

"Vetonit 5000": technical characteristics, consumption, properties, description

This mixture is suitable for leveling floors manually. The thickness of the poured layer is about 5-50 mm, in the presence of insignificant depressions, they can be filled with a mixture, however, the thickness of the layer in this section should not exceed 80 mm. Also, the material can be used for inclined bases with a small layer thickness providing fast setting.

The mixture includes cements, chemical additives, fillers and sand. The loose mass is diluted with water immediately before use. The main advantages of this mixture are good moisture resistance and heat resistance. Due to this, it can be used in rooms with a high level of humidity, as well as for leveling electrical or heated floors with water.

Application area

Let's consider more in detail for the mixture "Vetonit 5000" technical characteristics, consumption. Instructions for use recommend applying it to the leveling surface evenly, if necessary, performing a slope. After hardening, a smooth and stable surface is obtained, suitable for laying glued and rolled floor coverings (ceramic and stone tiles, linoleum, textile or PVC carpet, floating parquet). It is also possible to use the mixture for laying piece parquet. In this case, the plywood is laid on the basis for parquet. After drying, the resulting surface is not stained, but immediately the finishing coat is laid. Without finishing the surface of the vein is not recommended.

The properties of the mixture "Vetonit 5000", technical characteristics, consumption and scope are shown in the table below.

Parameter Value
Colour Gray
Bundle Cement
Filler Sand (fraction up to 1 mm)
Chemical additives Substances giving the mixture adhesion properties
Compression strength after hardening under normal conditions (23 ° С, relative humidity about 50%, pour time - one month) More than 20 MPa
Bending strength after freezing under normal conditions More than 4 MPa
Strength of adhesion to concrete K30 About 1 MPa
Shrinkage after hardening under normal conditions 0,5 mm / m 2
Minimum Operating Temperature 10 ° С
Optimal operating temperature 15 to 23 ° C

The water temperature for dilution of the mixture

20 - 35 ° С
The amount of water for dilution of the mixture About four liters per packing
Mixing time At least one minute
The possibility of installing a floor covering when the layer is hardened to a thickness of 10 mm under normal conditions A day after filling the mixture
Estimated consumption per 1 m 2 1.8 - 1.9 kg

Substrate preparation

First, remove lagging concrete, glue and old leveling compounds from the working surface. Sites of possible leakage of the solution should be sealed or separated by a stopper. After that, it is necessary to clean the substrate of dust and primer (the "Vetonit MD 16" primer prevents rapid absorption of liquid from the solution into the working base and formation of air bubbles). It should be noted that when pouring a few layers, a substrate must be primed before each of them. When carrying out work, and also within 24 hours after their completion, it is necessary to make sure that there are no drafts.

Preparation of the solution

A powerful drill is used to prepare the solution. In 3-4 liters of water (excess of this rate will entail a decrease in the strength of the mixture and its further peeling off the substrate), a bag of a mixture of "Vetonite 5000" is poured and stirred for 1-2 minutes. At a low temperature, it is recommended to use warm water to prepare a mixture of "Vetonit 5000". Technical characteristics, consumption will not change.

After 2-3 hours on the surface you can walk, and after 3-4 hours it is allowed to grind it. If desired, you can additionally pour a mixture of "Vetonit 3000". If the layer thickness is 10 mm, floor coverings can be laid after 1 day.

The mixture is packed into paper bags of 25 kg. Shelf life of the mixture "Vetonit 5000", technical data, consumption are indicated on the package. Keep it in closed bags and in a dry place for 6 months.

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