Tonal cream "Bourgeois": characteristics and reviews

The history of the cosmetic company "Bourgeois" began 140 years ago. Ironically, France was the birthplace of this wonderful brand. All cosmetics are developed and manufactured in the territory of this particular country. The availability of research laboratories provides the opportunity to carry out the necessary research in order to produce only quality and effective means. Before entering the sales network, each product is carefully checked during the ophthalmological and dermatological tests.

To date, "Bourgeois" is one of the world leaders in the cosmetic market segment. The assortment of the company includes several hundred products: carcasses, shadows, lipsticks, powders, tonal creams. Bright and easily recognizable packaging, a wonderful variety of colors and shades of cosmetics, a democratic price - that's what helps to increase the number of loyal fans of the brand every year.

The tonal cream "Bourgeois" is so fond of many girls and women that it's worth getting acquainted with this cosmetic product a little closer. The most vivid and memorable novelties were such tonal creams from the "Bourgeois": 10 Hour Sleep Effect, Healthy Mix Foundation, 123 Perfect, Flower Perfection. Next, consider all the advantages of each tool.

Tonal cream "Bourgeois" 10 Hour Sleep Effect

The formula of this remedy is enriched with minerals, restoring components and vitamins, which provide chic treatment of your skin. For example, the presence of vitamins E and F protects the skin from external negative factors. Provitamin B5 performs the function of a regenerator, which improves the complexion and eliminates traces of fatigue. After penetrating into the skin of all nutritional and regenerating elements, it acquires a rested appearance and radiance (as after a full sleep, which is why the cream has an appropriate name).

Toned cream "Bourgeois" Healthy Mix Foundation

Fruit extracts, which are part of this product, provide saturation of the skin with only useful substances. As a result of using this foundation, your skin becomes moisturized, radiant. It perfectly tones up and has antioxidant properties. The texture of the cream is light and gentle. Well absorbed, does not leave the effect of tightness. Correctly selected shade looks natural and very beautiful.

Cream "Bourgeois" 123 Perfect

For owners of oily and problematic skin with redness and weaknesses, this remedy is ideal. The composition contains 3 pigments: yellow, purple, green. Each of them performs its function. One masks dark circles and gives the skin a rested look. With the help of the second the skin acquires a radiance, the complexion ceases to be dull. The third one perfectly masks redness, the skin tone becomes smooth.

"Bourgeois": foundation flower Flower Perfection

The product contains active plant components, which gently and gently take care of the skin. The cream perfectly masks the irregularities, redness, pimples. The dense texture easily lies on the surface of the face with a thin layer, which ensures a comfortable application. A special sponge will help you evenly distribute the cream. The product is stable, effective. Well hides dark circles under the eyes, makes the skin smooth and radiant.

On the tone cream "Bourgeois" reviews can be found a variety of: both positive and negative. First, negative opinions can develop due to the purchase of a substandard product. Unfortunately, fakes are quite common. Therefore, products should be purchased only in specialized stores. Secondly, cosmetics is selected strictly individually. What is ideal for one girl, the other can not be cardinally. Choose a foundation should be carefully, taking into account your skin type and its shade. Such an approach will be the key to success!

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