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Fights without rules. Who is the most powerful fighter in the world?

Fights without rules - sports single combat, allowing the use of a variety of techniques and techniques from various types of martial arts. The most recognized this sport was in Russia, Japan, Holland, USA, Brazil.

Who is stronger: Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee?

Battles without rules are often called MMA - Mixed Martial Arts. Recently fans of classical boxing have got bored. In this sport, the strongest fighter in the world - a native of Ukraine Vitali Klitschko. Together with his brother Vladimir, they hold the leading positions in the heavyweight title for many years. In MMA, on the contrary, new stars constantly appear. Thus, the ratings of broadcasts of fights without rules in the US are already significantly ahead of the ratings of broadcasts of classical boxing. And the spectators are interested not only in who is the strongest fighter in the world, but also at what kind of martial arts "will win" this time.

There were many organizations that organize competitions and conclude contracts with athletes, as well as many versions of titles. Therefore, the very concept of "the strongest fighter without rules" is very subjective. And often a contract with an athlete prohibits him from participating in open championships

Features of MMA

In MMA, athletes can use any tricks, throws, grips and use arms, legs, elbows, knees. But the battle is not at all like a bloody scene from a feature film. Contrary to the title, a battle without rules has its own rules, namely: you can not beat the groin, throat, spine and back of the head, and it is also forbidden to squeeze (squeeze out) the eyes. They compete not with murderers, but with athletes. Death during the battle - a very rare phenomenon, taking place to be more likely because of the negligence of sports physicians who released into the ring an athlete with health problems. In rare cases, a knockout common to athletes and their fans can lead to sudden death, for example, from a hemorrhage to the brain.

As a protection for male athletes, a cap, a groin bandage and specially designed gloves for MMA, which allow free movement of the fingers, act. The torso remains naked while there are no shoes on the legs. It is allowed to bandage the shins with an elastic bandage. Women, in addition to the above, use protective bras.

The strongest fighter in the history of MMA

And although it is difficult to name the absolute record holder of the MMA objectively, few will argue with the fact that the strongest fighter in the world is Anderson da Silva. He was born in 1975 in Brazil. The growth of Silva is 188 cm, and he acts in the middle weight category. Before starting to fight in the ring of fights without rules, he went a long way, made a brilliant sports career. Silva earned a black belt in taekwondo and jiu-jitsu, and he also has a good command of Thai boxing. In the sporting environment, he is known as the Spider. With Anderson and Silva, she was lucky enough to sign a contract with the MMA UFC organization. As an MMA fighter, he suffered only 4 losses, and spent 35 fights.

The strongest fighter in the world is also a little showman. Fights with his participation are always very spectacular, similar to the scenes from the movie, and the victories are very spectacular. Fans adore Silva for the unique style. Spider fights always promise to become a grand show.

Other outstanding athletes

In MMA there are other stars. So, for example, the Dutch kickboxer Alistair Overeem has not gone off Olympus for 10 years already. In MMA quite a few representatives of boxing. One of them is the Brazilian heavyweight Junior Dos Santos. A wonderful sportsman who plays for Russia, "heavyweight" Sergei Kharitonov, conducted 24 fights, of which he won 19.

The youngest winner of the UFC light heavyweight championship is a black fighter, an American John Jones. He is famous for his magnificent combinations of Greco-Roman wrestling, Thai boxing and judo.

Combat MMA is a beautiful spectacle demonstrating masculinity and strength, beauty and grace of the human body, endurance and courage, as well as spectacular combinations of elements of various martial arts.

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