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"The Holy War" - the history of military song creation

The history of the song as such is hundreds of years old. People have always liked to express their feelings through poetry and music. There was no such event - historical or national scale, which would not be imprinted in the hearts of people, and then degenerated into beautiful words and melody. Many of these lamentations gave rise to terrible dates on 22.06.1941-09.05.1945. It was on the sunny June days of 1941 that a new story of the military song began.

The Great Patriotic War can rightfully be considered one of the most dramatic and bloody events of the last century. Still alive witnesses of those terrible days, and we piously honor the memory of the soldiers who gave their lives for the Great Victory. The events of that war are captured in films, poems, paintings, prose, and of course, in songs. Perhaps, it was the songs that helped the soldiers not to lose heart, to believe in victory - they helped to survive. The text of military songs sounded both as a hymn and as a prayer. And now they are loved by us. Each song tells about someone's fate - the fate of an individual or the fate of the whole people. The history of the creation of a military song is always different, but listening to each of them, the feelings are equally shaky. In the postwar years, thousands of letters from front-line soldiers came to the editorial offices of various newspapers, in which they wrote that a particular song was written about them, about their platoon, their height. The soldiers in each saw themselves and their comrades, so the words of the songs were truthful and penetrating.

The history of the military song "The Holy War"

There are many written songs about the Great Patriotic War, but probably the very first was the "Holy War" on the verses of Lebedev-Kumach and the music of Alexandrov. The history of the creation of the military song "The Holy War" is as follows: some day a policeman came to Alexander Vassilyevich Aleksandrov at a house in the Red Army and handed the composer the morning newspaper Izvestia with the words: "Alexander Vasilyevich, please read the Lebedev-Kumach poem, can , You write a song? "

Aleksandrov read the poems and, without telling anyone, went home. The composer was so impressed by the power of the poem that by the evening the music was written, the same strong: every note sounded like a call, a cry. Alexander Vasilyevich wrote notes on the board and the same night, the artists from the ensemble of the Red Army song learned it. It was the seventh day of the war. On the morning of the next day, at the Belorussky railway station, the "Sacred War" was performed before the soldiers who were serving at the front.

As soon as the first chords began to sound, the station stopped. The song struck everyone. Artists of the ensemble at times could not sing, and the musicians played - to the throat approached the com, and the hands did not obey. The song was listened to, standing in an unprecedented silence. After the music subsided, for a while everyone stood silently, and then there was a thunderous applause. Began to pour on all sides of the request to perform the song again and again. Since that day, the song "Holy War" has become for many a military anthem. Years pass, witnesses of those tragic events are becoming less and less, but songs of the war years will always be an eloquent reminder of the horrors of the war and a warning for future generations.

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