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The extreme points of Africa: the coordinates of Cape Ben Secec. White Cape and the City of Bizerte

Each continent of the planet has its extreme points: northern, southern, western and eastern. In the article, we will talk about the extreme northern point of Africa - Cape Ben Secec. Where is it? What are the coordinates of Cape Ben Secec? Which locality is closest to this point?

Africa and its extreme points

Africa is divided by the line of the equator practically in the middle. In this regard, the natural features of the northern and southern parts of this continent are mirror-like among themselves. This is the hottest continent of the Earth: no other continent of the planet receives the same amount of solar heat in a year.

The area of Africa is about 30 million square meters. Km. The contours of the continent are ruggedly comparatively weak. The continent is washed by the waters of two oceans - the Indian and Atlantic. In the north it borders on Europe (through the Mediterranean Sea), and in the northeast - with Asia (via the Red Sea).

What are the extreme points for Africa? They, as well as it is necessary, only four. It:

  • Cape Ben-Seca (northern);
  • Cape Agulhic (southern);
  • Cape Almadi (western);
  • Cape Ras-Gafun (eastern).

What are the coordinates of Cape Ben Secec, and where is it located? Read more about this.

The geographical coordinates of Cape Ben Secec and its description

This cape has four different names: Ben Secec, El-Abyad, Ras-Engela, and finally Blanco ("white" in Spanish and Spanish). It is located in Tunisia, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The nearest town is 10 kilometers away. The cape separates the distance of 70 km from the capital of Tunis (the city of the same name).

The exact coordinates of Ben-Seca Point are as follows:


37º 20 '48 "N latitude


9º 45 '20 "eastern longitude

It is not superfluous to note that the geographical "address" of a particular point does not always mean that way. Below are the coordinates of Cape Ben Sack in the so-called decimal degrees:





The extreme northern point of Africa is located in a rather wild and inaccessible place. A modest but rather beautiful monument in the form of a metallic outline of the continent is set up on the cape (all the states of the "black continent" are also included within it). Two kilometers to the east is a chic and almost deserted sandy beach, where you can relax after visiting such a symbolic place.

Bizerte - the city nearest to Cape Ben-Seca

Ten kilometers to the south-east of the cape is the town of Bizerte, home to about 125,000 people. It is an important industrial and transport center of Tunisia. In addition, the main naval base of this country is located here.

Bizerte is one of the oldest cities in the Mediterranean. It was founded about 3 thousand years ago! The city is quite picturesque: on three sides it is surrounded by forests and slopes of an extinct volcano. Along the coast stretches a chain of beautiful sandy beaches.

Among the snow-white houses of Bizerta, many sights and monuments of antiquity have been preserved. So, you can see a medieval Arab fortress, a citadel, a mosque of the XVII century, visit an interesting oceanographic museum, wander through the streets of an old colonial city built by the French. But tourists in Bizerta should exercise caution: the city has quite a few military facilities and institutions, which are strictly prohibited from being photographed.

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