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The commandments of Christ: how to behave towards God and people?

The commandments of Christ appeared centuries ago, but they can be called actual even today. Initially, they were all written literally, that is, one did not have to fantasize to understand their real meaning. Today, only a few of them are oriented to a direct interpretation. The rest should be interpreted. However, they - as a classic, have always been and will be.

All the commandments of Christ are often compared with the laws of nature. This means that they are not just elements that should be adhered to and can not be violated, but also complement each other. On the one hand, they help to find the soul, to fill it with virtues and to give up various temptations, instincts formerly peculiar to man. And on the other hand, they help people to get a moral foundation so that they help their relatives not because it needs to be done or for which they will be paid, but on their own.

10 commandments of Jesus Christ:
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1 In the first commandment, the Lord calls to the fact that he is the only God, and there is no substitute for him Despite the fact that the Lord here rather selfishly approached the description of himself, the true meaning of the commandment is that a person must understand himself and find the physical and mental foundation of activity
2 Called to not looking for yourself idols The writing of this commandment of Christ is oriented towards the time when paganism was a tumultuous disease of all mankind. And then it had to be understood literally. Today, the idols have changed significantly, they have turned into wealth, fame or, for example, science. However, the creation of an idol does not lead to anything good, neither before, nor today
3 I am called to not use the name of the Lord just for nothing, wasted Proceeding from this commandment, it becomes clear that the name of God can not be used where it is simply inappropriate. These can be jokes, exclamations or even curses
4 Called to spend six days in labor, and one - to devote rest Like God himself, a person is told to work most of his time, but do not forget about rest. At least once a week you need to take time for yourself
5 Called to the veneration of parents Despite the fact that in this commandment of Christ parents are indicated, it should be understood not only literally. The fact is that with her help the Lord wanted to encourage people to respect all those who surround them, regardless of age, gender or race
6th Called for a refusal to kill You can not take life from another person, regardless of the number of his sins or anger. God gives life to people, and one should not put himself in his place to dispose of other people's destinies
7th Called to renounce adultery The commandment is not at all aimed at refusing to procreate. Today, its interpretation refers to fidelity. That is, the two spouses should not be changed to each other, one should resist the temptation
8 Called to renounce theft The commandment describes the fact that a person should be satisfied only with what he has, or with what he earned himself. You can not take someone else's
9 Called for a refusal of gossips and false accusations Any liar is called an unworthy Christian. This is due to the fact that lies - behavior that can not be attributed to such virtues as respect and love
10 Called for a refusal of envy You can not be jealous of what another person has. The Lord says that all people need to come to their own desires on their own, and if one could achieve something, then only diligence helped him, but not envy

It is impossible to single out the most important commandments of Jesus Christ, because they are all equal to each other. If a person takes the time to resist the temptation of adultery, but does not respect his parents, relatives, friends or neighbors, we can say that he does not adhere to the laws of Christianity in general. It should be noted that the commandments are written quite succinctly, they, of course, restrict people, but to a greater extent leave them full freedom. Only the person has the right to choose the sphere of his activity, profession and all the other elements that make up his life.

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