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The best restaurant in the world: rating, description, menu

For some people, traveling is an acquaintance not so much with the country as with the way of life of local people, their way of life, cuisine and history. Therefore, it is not surprising that every year more and more gastronomic tours are gaining popularity . In which countries are the best restaurants? And is there one that deserves the title of the most "delicious" in the world?

Famous London Restaurants

This city is the world capital of catering establishments of the highest class. Especially popular is the Hakkasan Hanway Place restaurant, which features only genuine Chinese cuisine, such as a Peking duck with caviar. Chef Tong Chi Hwi likes to delight his guests with personal culinary delights. Also in the menu of the restaurant there are a variety of desserts and drinks, including vintage wines. The interior deserves special attention: these are rooms that are thoroughly permeated with the culture of the east, which is expressed in carved wooden screens made of black oak, ancient statuettes covered with gold, and other elements of decor. Almost all people in the reviews about the establishment put the mark "excellently".

The best restaurants in London also include in their list Sketch Lecture Room and Library. This masterpiece of the Art Deco style is comfortably located in the former salon of Christian Dior. In the menu there are dishes of British, European and French cuisines, as well as a large wine list. Reviews from the restaurant are positive, but some visitors note the excessive pathos in the interior design.

Best Italian Restaurants

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the establishment in the city of Modena, called Osteria Franciscana. The owner, the same chef, with his golden hands produces something that no gourmet in the world can refuse. In the cooking process, he puts maximum of his imagination, likes to experiment and create real products of art from products. The interior in the institution is the simplest and most unremarkable, but they do not like it for their style of decoration.

Another Italian restaurant with a high rating - Piazza Duomo in the city of Alba. The owner of the establishment is also a chef, but he has his own team. Together they prepare the most delicious dishes that will satisfy the desires of the most demanding gourmet. The restaurant is dominated by a pleasant atmosphere created by modern designers. On the ceiling there is a beautiful fresco depicting grape leaves. The menu is quite diverse: here there are fish, and mushrooms, and seafood. People who were there, write in the reviews that this restaurant is very "warm" and it seems that you are at home. They also note that the dishes in this institution are a gourmet's paradise.

The most "delicious" Spanish restaurants

According to TripAdvizor, Martin Berasategui in the city of San Sebastian - the best restaurant in the world! Such an assessment was given to him by people who dined there. The "chip" of the establishment is that the chef and his team prepare dishes that are not found anywhere else on the planet Earth. Unless it's Martin Berasategui in another country. Martin, the owner of the restaurant, designed the halls simply, but with taste, which makes them look very elegant. The menu is varied, there is probably everything in it, even the liver of the sea duck and the stewed scar. But most of all, the way to serve the dish attracts - a real work of art. Visitors say that it will cost a dinner here not cheap, but it's worth it.

But the best restaurants in Spain do not end there. According to another publication, the title of the first in the world deserves El Celler de Can Roca in Girona. The institution is managed by three brothers, who merged together the experimental serving of dishes and avant-garde Spanish cuisine, plus to this - 3 Michelin stars, and the 40-year-old restaurant can deservedly receive the title of the best in the world. The modern interior, a huge wine list and a wide variety of delicacies make visitors stay longer there. A visit to such an institution will also cost a tidy sum, but it will be remembered for life.

Restaurants of France with exquisite dishes

According to the same service TripAdvizor, the third place in the rating "Best Restaurant of the World" is occupied by Maison Lameloise in Shany. The establishment is located in the same hotel and has 3 Michelin stars. Vacationers write that this restaurant allows you not just to relax, but to do it with taste, because the dishes served here will be rated at "5" even by the most sophisticated gourmet.

Also popular is another owner of three Michelin stars - Guy Savoy. This restaurant in Paris is notable for the fact that the menu changes every season. The chef Guy Savoy designed his establishment in a modern style, using predominantly white and brown colors. The specialty dishes are artichoke soup with truffles and puff pastry with mushrooms, sea bass baked with scales under creamy truffle sauce, and rhubarb ice cream with vanilla sauce. In the reviews, many holidaymakers rate the restaurant as the highest score.

Gastronomic tour in Russia: which institution deserves the title of the best?

This, of course, is not the best restaurant in the world, but the opportunity to be above all others in the country also needs to be earned. Such a title was awarded to the institution "Pushkin", which is located in Moscow. The restaurant easily moves visitors in the 1800s. Well-designed interior, made in the style of the Pushkin era, children's performances, live music and a lot of traditional Russian dishes prepared according to noble recipes, make this institution a favorite among many Muscovites and guests of the capital.

The only and best restaurant in the world - is there one?

It is difficult to name such an institution, because there is no single system for assessing the place of catering by consumers. And there are a lot of other publications, and they all determine the rating by some of their rules. For example, restaurateurs and gastronomic critics made their list - the top 10, which was published in the British magazine The Restaurant Magazine:

  1. The first place was given to the Spanish institution El Celler de Can Roca in Girona.
  2. The honorable second line is occupied by the Italian restaurant Osteria Franciscana in Modena.
  3. Noma - Copenhagen.
  4. Central Restaurant - Lima.
  5. Eleven Madison Park - New York.
  6. Mugaritz - San Sebastian.
  7. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal - London.
  8. Narisawa - Tokyo.
  9. DOM - São Paulo.
  10. Gaggan - Bangkok.

It's so interesting in every city, in any country to visit restaurants and try the dishes from famous and simply talented chefs. So why not make your own ranking of the best restaurants in the world?

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