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The actor of the cinema Pavel Bessonov

Named actors should not worry, because they have already been replaced by an excellent generation of talented youth, among whom Paul Bessonov settled. The guy could not only be realized in his career, but also find his soul mate. To date, he has new goals and a new life path.


The future actor appeared in 1991 on February 7 in the Russian capital. Since the birth of Pasha was complete, because of what it seemed "plush" and funny. The boy did not complex because of his appearance and, seeing the advertising on the television set for acting classes, decided to try his hand. He took great pleasure in attending classes and a year later he registered with the real film studio Mosfilm. Since childhood, Pasha had a dream - to open a small restaurant for the closest people, although he did not know how to cook. He simply decided to continue the work of his father, who was a cook.

First roles

After some time Pavel Bessonov, whose biography was filled with new bright events, began to receive the first proposals for participation in the shootings. Very soon the boy was waiting for the first significant success - the role at that time in the popular children's series "Yeralash". Pasha was offered to play only funny "plump" kids, that at first it was interesting, and after a bit and was tired. By the way, the shootings in "Yeralash" had a negative character, since Bessonov later found it difficult to stop playing and behave naturally, as in life. Against this background, he had problems with other works.

In parallel, Pavel Bessonov continued to walk with an ordinary Moscow school. The boy never suffered from a stellar illness, and he had good relations with both his classmates and his teachers. Constant omissions, of course, had a bad effect on the progress of the guy, so Bessonov thought about ending his school with an external student. Several times he tried to exclude him, but Pasha managed to settle the situation.

The first significant success

Pavel Bessonov, whose filmography has already been replenished with several successful pictures, at the age of 14 received a happy ticket - an invitation to take part in the filming of the popular TV series "Kadetstvo". Work continued for several years, for which Pasha graduated from high school and significantly grew both physiologically and emotionally. Most of the time, all the actors lived in Tver, where the shooting took place.

Bessonov inherited the role of a rural good-natured boy, who decided to enter the Suvorov School. The hero Stepan Perepechko liked the viewers of different ages. The guys became friends and turned into a real team, which had both good and bad points. Pasha liked shooting and his hero very much, as Stepan is a very kind and charming young man who is ready to come to the aid of his friends at any moment.

Continuation of filming

The success of the series "Kadetstvo" was so great that the director decided to continue the story. Many actors, including Pavel Bessonov, whose biography was filled with many bright events, continued to participate in the project. Work in this series lasted until 2010. Both films, according to Pasha, were very bright and interesting, they gave him real friends. After this, the guy was invited to participate in several more projects.

Paul Bessonov: personal life and family

Parents were happy for their child, as he found a job that brought him real pleasure. But despite this, they were sure that in life it is necessary to have an education, so they constantly spoke with Paul about this. They argued that very rarely teenage actors continue to move in this direction and reach certain heights. Parents won this fight, and Bessonov did enter the Academy of Labor and Social Relations, but he did not abandon the goal of becoming an actor.

In 2010, Paul Bessonov went on vacation to the Crimea, and there he met a beautiful girl, in which, he said, he fell in love with the ears. Her name was Zina, and she worked as a financier in the theater of fashion in Dnepropetrovsk. After 2 years of meetings, lovers decided to get married, and now Pasha lives in two countries.

Future plans

Recently Pavel Bessonov was involved in a small role in the TV series "Univer" and in other projects. In one of his interviews, the guy said that he does not have any concrete plans for the future at the moment, but he learned one thing that "water does not flow under a lying stone".

There was information that Pasha had decided to engage in social and political activities and that this sphere was interesting enough for him. In the dreams of a guy - implemented in the legislative sphere, to be able to help people in need. Its goal is to become a parliamentarian to assist individuals and the general public. As for acting, for Bessonov this is just a hobby, a matter of pleasure. Since the guy always believed that his financial situation should not depend on other people, that is, from the proposals to the cinema.

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