Syria, Aleppo - the city and its history

In the Mediterranean country, Syria, Aleppo is a city-history that can not but attract tourists from all over the world. In addition to the mild climate, proximity to the sea coast and the warm sun, Haleb also hosts a number of architectural monuments that have a thousand-year history. Many of them are "living witnesses" of the era of the paving of the Great Silk Road, the Roman conquests and the reign of procurators. Like any other eastern city, Aleppo (or Aleppo, as it is called by the locals) can tell us the history not only of the Eastern Mediterranean peoples, but of the European ethnoses that have repeatedly conquered it, erecting its monuments and structures there.

At the moment, Aleppo (like almost all of Syria) has become a great entertainment center, where tourists from all over the world are welcome. On the territory of the eastern metropolis there are all kinds of hotels, cottage settlements and hostels. Along with this service, the entertainment business thrives in the city, which offers all comers to visit casinos, restaurants, clubs and cinemas and thus spend more than one fine evening in the old city. It should be noted that all the modern institutions that were built in Aleppo are designed in the same oriental style, that's why they perfectly harmonize with the ancient buildings, and the city has an integral and beautiful external appearance.

The main attraction of the city is the citadel of Aleppo. Syria only in the XX century recognized this architectural structure, which for many years was the main city, an architectural monument of world scale. These giant walls, which were previously considered a fortress, were built by joint efforts of the Crusaders and local residents in the first century of our era. Within the fortress was a whole city, on the territory of which there were a mosque, a mausoleum, palaces of the ruling dynasty and settlements for the troops of the state of Syria. Aleppo, fenced with this fence, is now considered the old part of the city, as well as its main attraction.

Among the historically important places in Aleppo, you can also name numerous caravan-sarai, which for centuries have been erected in order for wanderers traveling through the desert to rest, get some sleep and gather strength for a new journey.

These caravanserais are surrounded by oriental markets where you can buy various local products, fruits and vegetables, as well as souvenirs and trinkets that will always remind you of this wonderful city in the southern country of Syria - Aleppo.

The city of Aleppo has been proud for many years - the "Northern Capital". Syria, like many other states, has both an official (main) city and a historical city, which is Aleppo. It is here that tourists can buy souvenirs that are not produced anywhere else, including handmade carpets, clay jugs in the old oriental style, custom shoes, talismans and drugs, and everything that Syria is rich in. Aleppo is a city, memories of which will never be forgotten, and this is the place that you always want to return to.

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