Men's jeans on cuffs below: description

Nowadays it is possible to meet a young man in jeans on cuffs very often. Only here, not all the members of the stronger sex fully understand what the models of trousers are and what they can be worn for.

Men's jeans on cuffs: photo and description of the model

This version of denim pants is a normal product, at the ends of the pants is a cuff on an elastic band or the usual bend. There are a lot of models like this. For example, it can be narrowed, wide or even "ragged" products. They are created by different designers, also produced by them and many clothing companies.

For example, very popular male jeans on the cuffs River Island. They are classic pants, only with the addition of a small design element on the ends of the pants.

In most cases, such models of jeans are suitable for wearing in the warm season.

With what can you combine men's jeans on cuffs?

In general, nothing complicated in the selection of clothes for such pants there. After all, like classic products, men's jeans on cuffs can be worn with absolutely any things and combine almost with different colors and shades. Here often it all depends on what style should end up in the end. And of course, the color of the jeans themselves.

To create a sporty image, you should pay attention to white sneakers, which have become very popular lately. As for outerwear, it can be any T-shirt or sports T-shirt, the main thing is that its length is just above the pockets. To determine the color, you need to build on the shade of the jeans themselves. For lighter products, cool shades will suit, and to darker ones - soft or saturated.

If you want to create a brutal appearance, then instead of white sneakers should wear large shoes that are similar to the shoes of ordinary workers. Most often there are models of brown shades. On top of the T-shirt, in this case, you can put on a leather or denim jacket.

Create an official image

To look in jeans on cuffs more officially, it is worth paying attention to polo t-shirts. Above them, an elegant jacket can be thrown over, favorably emphasizing the figure. Also, to create such an image, you can use a classic classic shirt of white or pastel color.

In addition, the official vest can add an official vest. Shoes in this case should also be solid. Therefore, it is worth to stay on neat shoes. In the hot season, they can be replaced with sandals with open noses.

Casual image

And of course, the easiest way is to pick up outerwear for everyday wear in jeans on cuffs. In this case there are almost no restrictions. After all, with such jeans, a warm sweater or sweatshirt, a light jacket or jacket, over the T-shirt, and even a checkered shirt will look equally attractive .

Pay attention to colors

The color scheme can also be completely different. Do not think that with blue jeans it is better to combine a blue T-shirt, with black - black and so on. On the contrary, such a combination can make the appearance of a young person dull and uninteresting. Therefore, even wearing one-color clothes, it is worth trying to decorate it with more vivid accessories. So, it can be a strap, radically different in color from clothes, or shoes that highlight a man in a crowd. Of course, you do not need to go to extremes from an extreme, and you do not need to wear light green t-shirts with a bright pink t-shirt. The main thing is to remember that harmony is needed in everything.

Gray color is the most optimal for people who are poorly versed in the combination of different shades. The fact is that any thing of this tone will easily fit into jeans on cuffs of any color. At the same time, a jacket can be worn on top, which differs from trousers by several tones, but it will be very interesting to look at.

Also, to the aid of inexperienced young men, wishing to purchase men's jeans on cuffs below, come products of white color. Snow white sweater, T-shirt or shirt can be worn with pants of any shade (whether light blue or brown).


In fact, most often the wardrobe of the guys is not distinguished by a large variety of colors. Therefore, men's jeans on cuffs, most likely, will suit almost every thing of a young man.

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