Steel wedding - significant date

Here, at last, came the moment when the spouses had another anniversary of family life - a steel wedding. "How many years did they live together?" You ask. Few know about the existence of such an anniversary. Her spouses celebrate, having lived together for eleven years. After such a long period, their relations already acquire the same qualities as hardened steel: they become smooth and radiant, polished with various adversities and experienced difficulties. They are already strong, however, unfortunately, there are points of excessive tension in them.

A steel wedding is an excuse to get rid of the accumulated negative and further strengthen the relationship. There is a rite performed by the spouses - it's ablution. According to this tradition, the action should take place at dawn. The spouses simultaneously dipped into the water completely naked, while holding each other's hands tightly. When weather conditions allow, ablution can occur in natural reservoirs, and in the cold season - at home.

Important points

The traditions with which a steel wedding is rich, it is also necessary to nail a real steel horseshoe over your front door - it becomes an amulet that protects the family from any life difficulties, slander and bad people. Like everything else in a joint life, this action should be performed by husband and wife together: the woman gives nails to the spouse, and he clogs them, fixing the talisman firmly.

Wedding anniversaries are time that is meant for any changes, but when a steel wedding comes, family relationships are already, as a rule, formed and do not require it. Therefore, many are sending all the forces to the arrangement of comfort in the house. It is recommended by this time to make repairs, change furniture and small accessories. If you are allowed this condition of your residence, you at this time should have a fireplace, which will symbolize the home and the warmth by which it warms all family members. A beautiful gift in this case will be a fireplace grate, made to order.


A steel wedding is usually celebrated in a very narrow circle. The number of invitees should include a couple who has been married for longer than you - this is another tradition that guarantees a long and happy life together.


The gifts exchanged by the spouses themselves have no limitations. On this happy day, they must present each other something very personal and dear to themselves, as a kind of symbol of that lasting, unshakable trust that has been established between them.


Particular attention should be given to the choice of a holiday bouquet. There is an opinion that if he stays for 11 days, then your marriage will be harmonious and long. Therefore, it is better to choose "long-playing" flowers: gerberas, gladioluses, carnations, orchids, chrysanthemums or lilies. And be sure to give them with love, since the bouquet is the one with which the performance of the omens begins.

Take care of your 11 years together! Steel wedding is an occasion to say thank you to each other for them.

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