Planning a wedding step by step

Planning a wedding is not the easiest thing to do. This holiday brings the groom and bride a lot of problems. Sometimes panic and stress lead up to the cancellation of this momentous event. To avoid this, you just need to plan the celebration correctly. This is not as easy as it seems. But if you start training in advance, you can easily hold this event in such a way that it will be remembered by the culprits themselves and guests, and on the positive side. Then everything will be told about how to organize a wedding. You can do this either in advance (for example, for a year) or for several months. In the second case, you need to act quickly. Therefore, it is best to start preparing and planning for 6-12 months.

About the To Do List

Each wedding is an individual and unique celebration. Therefore, her planning often causes a lot of trouble. Someone wants to organize an event in the open air, some want a banal family holiday. Despite this, planning a wedding has several important points. They do not depend on the desires of the bride and groom.

What must the future couple do? The list of upcoming cases can be presented approximately like this:

  • Choice of registry office for painting;
  • The definition of the type of painting - solemn (with guests and music) or ordinary;
  • Submitting an application;
  • Compiling a list of guests;
  • Budget planning for the wedding;
  • Search for a cafe / restaurant for the celebration;
  • Choice of photo and video operators;
  • Selection of the leader / toaster;
  • Staging a wedding dance for young people;
  • The organization of transportation to the groom, the bride and guests;
  • Order wedding cake and loaf;
  • Purchase dresses for the bride and costume for the groom;
  • The appointment of a friend of the bride and groom's friend;
  • Choice of menu for the holiday;
  • Order wedding bouquet.

All this is only the beginning. As a rule, if you choose a good leader, he can help with the organization of the wedding in general. For example, a good restaurant will prompt or advise a good photographer / videographer. How to start planning a wedding?

First steps

In fact, there is no 100% accurate indication of this. For the beginning it is necessary to organize an engagement. Or rather, make a future wife proposal. Usually this event occurs about a year before the celebration. This is done so that the couple has enough time to prepare.

Planning a wedding for 12 months is the right decision. The first time the bride is in euphoria, but then comes the time of trouble, albeit pleasant. There is so much to do and nothing to forget. Is it possible to remember everything in a hurry? Therefore, to keep a couple of extra months is not a problem. So, let's begin.

You need to roughly plan the budget - write how much money is already there for the celebration, and how much you can earn for the remaining period. It is recommended to choose an approximate date of painting and make a list of guests. When selecting the date, it is necessary to pay attention to the peculiarities of weather conditions in each region. This is done to ensure that the snow that fell out in June did not become a surprise.

Some registry offices accept applications from future newlyweds a year before the celebration. Therefore, you can choose the date of the wedding, the registry office for painting and apply accordingly. Usually this opportunity is offered to those who plan to create a family in the "season" - the end of spring, summer. But most often the application is submitted a little later.

For 11 months

The best option is scrupulous planning of the wedding step by step. And let them call you a bore or a pedant - it's better to foresee everything and 100 times to double-check, than to sigh about the forgotten boutonnieres, nice souvenirs to guests or at the last moment ordered and therefore not the cake you originally wanted.

So, for 11 months you can celebrate the engagement. Let it be a small family holiday, which will prepare the parents of the bride and groom for everything that will happen in the coming year.

It is necessary to think in advance how and where it would be desirable to celebrate the triumph. For example, some want to sit in a cafe, someone will prefer a restaurant, sometimes a preference is given to a buffet on the seashore or just somewhere in nature. In addition, it is best to choose a place for engagement and find out all the conditions of the ceremony. Of course, you need to book the date of the celebration.

Planning a wedding day is not an easy task. Foreigners have a beautiful tradition. It's about making a list of gifts from the guests. The future family should sit down and think carefully about what they can find useful in later life. Such a device will save you from unnecessary things. It is recommended that the resulting lists of gifts be distributed immediately to the guests. Let them themselves agree with each other and choose what they can give.

10 months

What's next? Planning a wedding in stages is difficult to paint. After all, each pair has its own capabilities and desires. Some are able to do all the work for 2-3 months, and someone will need a year. Let us dwell on the preparation for the celebration in advance.

10 months before the painting, you need to think about serious things. For example, to devote time to the choice of professionals for the organization of celebrations: florists, toastmasters or presenter, photographers, choreographers (for stage dancing), cosmetologists, hairdressers, musicians and other professionals. From each category, you must choose the best employee.

9 months

At this stage, the couple should already know exactly the date of the solemn ceremony. You can choose a REGISTRY OFFICE in a particular city and book a day for the celebration, if it was not done before.

No wedding planning can do without considering possible places of celebration. For 9 months before the hour of X, you should start to look out for a cafe or a restaurant. It is desirable that the place was not far from the registry office. You can even organize visiting painting. This is a great solution for those who want to stand out from the crowd of newlyweds. True, the idea is not new, and recently no one will be surprised by such tricks, and yet the ceremony in nature on the European model is popular.

So, the restaurant was chosen, the menu was discussed. We are booking the date! Often, such a step is combined with filing an application with the registry office. Simultaneously, you need to think about transporting guests - you can order limousines and buses for transportation of guests.

A great idea is to create a Love-Story. This is an excellent occasion to gather all the close people together. Why exactly for 9 months is this photo session held? She will bring the couple together and will not take away precious time on the eve of the celebration.

8 months

Planning a wedding delivers more and more trouble. For about 8 months, you need to start choosing a suit for the groom and a dress for the bride. I'll have to think about where to buy clothes - to order on the Internet (not the best solution), to buy at local stores or abroad. And maybe the dress and costume of the future newlyweds will be rented or bought from their hands? All these questions are recommended to be solved in advance.

Next will have to think about where to spend the wedding night. Yes, even it requires organization. Maybe the couple will go to their apartment or a preference will be given to the hotel room. Or maybe the celebration will last all night? It does not matter what the answer is. The main thing is to envisage everything and not to forget such an important nuance.

In addition, the stages of planning a wedding include studying confectionery in a particular city. This is the most pleasant part of the entire training after choosing outfits. You can go to pastry shops, try their creations, and then choose the best place to order a cake and other treats. The style of decoration of delicacies, too, will have to be developed in advance. As a rule, he must answer the style of the wedding in general.

7 months

What will be at the celebration of the bridesmaids? It is best to choose and order for them dresses. In Russia, this tradition is usually not paid enough attention - the girls themselves choose their outfits and buy them. Especially if the wedding is traditional, and the friend is only one. And if the European?

In addition, in approximately 7 months, it is best to start planning a honeymoon. Tour operators welcome the early booking of these or other vouchers. Therefore, the newlyweds can make a discount.

For 7 months before the wedding will require an accurate and final list of guests. I'll have to think carefully about who I really want to see at the celebration. The main thing is to remember that the wedding is a celebration of the bride and groom. And if they do not want to see some second cousin in the grandfather's line, you do not need to invite her. Especially with a limited budget. In this case, it is necessary to give preference only to the closest people. You also need to take care of invitations. But you can do this a little later.

6 months

Now it's clear how the wedding planning is going. The list of cases for this celebration is reduced as it approaches the date of the painting.

Six months before the wedding, you can make a shopping trip and get acquainted with the options of invitation cards. It would be superfluous to ring up the guests once again and ask them to tell exactly who will come to the party. In the end, the newlyweds will receive an updated list. From it you can build on the budget of the wedding and during the selection of the menu.

Already for 6 months before the supposed celebration, you can go to a pre-selected registry office and apply for a painting. This stage is necessary for those who have not done this before. In any case, a month before the painting, the future couple will be asked to confirm their intentions.

5 months

Planning the wedding step by step is coming to its end. 5 months before the celebration, it will be necessary to confirm cooperation with all previously selected specialists. It is best to meet them together in a cafe and discuss the nuances and the exact plan for the celebration.

Among other things, to exclude unsuccessful makeup and hair, it's best to do a trial make-up. Yes, you will have to spend extra money, maybe even change the master. But if the result does not please, there is a time to fix everything.

4 months

What else does the wedding planning involve? The program of this celebration should already be almost completely ready. For 4 months, you can choose and order rings. If necessary, the newlyweds can order engraving on the ornaments.

By the way, about ornaments. Think about how you want to see the hall where the celebration will take place. If a wedding is planned in a specific style, you can not do without helpers.

If you plan to hang the castle on the bridge (as they do in many cities), it's time to buy it and engrave this or that inscription.

In addition, right now it will be necessary to come up with and buy the final invitations. They will remind all guests about the upcoming celebration. You can independently make original postcards or buy them in specialized wedding salons or shops.

A good option is an item like order rehearsal celebration. Of course, you can skip this step. Rehearse the wedding is not all. Especially with a limited budget. But if you want, and there is such an opportunity, then why not?

4 months before the painting, we will have to discuss the plan for the celebration again with the hired specialists. It must be confirmed without fail.

3 months

What's next? The bulk of cases and questions are behind us. Now you can relax and relax a bit. For 3 months before the celebration, girls usually tell their girlfriends about the preparation. In addition, at this point the brides are used to relaxing.

If earlier the car for the newlyweds was not hired, it's time to do it. In addition, it is necessary to think over the decoration of the wedding cortege. Some auto rental services offer decorations as a bonus.

2 months

Do you think wedding planning is irrelevant? No matter how it is! It's in full swing! A little more - and the bride becomes a wife. 2 months before the celebration, you will need to send previously prepared invitations. After that, you can once again make sure that all the experts know their work accurately. Usually for 1-2 months the future husband and wife transfer a part of money for rendered services.

At this time, you need to make a test fitting the dress and costume. The first outfit is usually decorated in addition. It's time to do it!

1 month

A little more, a little bit more - and all the fuss accompanying the planning of the wedding will remain in the past. The last month before the celebration is a very important time. What needs to be done at the moment?

One month before the wedding, the groom and the bride usually plan and spend a hen / stag party. This tradition came to Russia from the West. Do not say good-bye to a bachelor life for a day or two before the wedding.

It is also necessary to control all the work done: you need to recheck the menu, the list of invited guests, and the degree of preparation for the holiday. Similar actions are taken a few days before the painting.

In addition, 1 month before the celebration, you need to come to the registry office and confirm your intention to get married. This is an obligatory operation, which will not be possible to pass in Russia. Do not worry - confirmation takes only a few minutes.

In several days

That's all. There were finishing touches. The stages of planning the wedding are almost all passed. The bride needs a few days before the celebration to do a manicure. It is advisable to enroll in it in advance.

Many prefer to spend time with their family, and also organize stag and hen parties. Such a perspective will help to relax before such an important event. And, of course, do not forget about the design of the hall.

About the budget

In principle, that's all. A separate issue is planning the wedding budget. It includes all costs for certain services. In addition, future newlyweds should take into account all the means that they will be able to invest in the celebration additionally.

With the proper use of finance, even a budget wedding (planning by points has already been proposed) will be excellent. Sometimes it makes no sense to spend a lot of money on a restaurant and a presenter - less expensive specialists are sometimes able to cope with their work better than those known in the city.

It is important to focus on the number of invited guests at the planning stage of the budget. The main expenses for young people usually go to a restaurant. Therefore, we have to constantly specify who exactly will come and who will not.

The exact list of the budget will not be compiled. After all, every wedding is an original and unique holiday. It is recommended to simply write down all the prospective expenses for the celebration in a separate list. Wedding is soon? Planning for the items in this event will help you remember nothing important. Therefore, do not refuse to make estimates and all sorts of lists - organization has not harmed anyone yet.

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