How to arrange a car sale?

Most modern drivers have to face for the first time with such a procedure as car sales. Someone just decided to change the car for a more comfortable one. Another car owner, due to any personal circumstances, simply needs money from the sale of his vehicle. Someone, on the contrary, needs to buy cars for personal use or, for example, to expand the choice when looking for work. In any case, a car enthusiast should be aware of how to formalize the sale of a car, and in the latter case - what to do to buy it.

How to make a car sale?

Variants can be different, but the very fact that the sale of a car is not the easiest and by no means all known process can cause any difficulties in reissuing. To arrange everything correctly, some of the motorists have to resort to the help of specialists, ignorance of the stages of the process of processing documents can lead to many problems. Therefore, before you look for a buyer for your "swallow", you should take care of finding a suitable specialist, or you yourself should study the sequence of manufacturing the necessary documents and the location of the instances where all this can be formalized.

Car sale. Registration through a general power of attorney

This option should not be considered at all, since the general power of attorney gives the right to use this vehicle, but otherwise the seller remains the main owner. In life, anything can happen, and in the event of the death of the seller, the vehicle will ultimately be inherited by his relatives, since it will be impossible to prove the sale of this car. And in general ownership of motor vehicles through a general power of attorney is a violation of the law and the rights of the buyer.

How to arrange a car sale? Where to begin?

First of all, the vehicle must be removed from the register in the GIBBD. For this, it is necessary to write two applications and pay the state duty at the bank. Ideally (if all the documents necessary for this procedure are on hand and no more problems have arisen during the removal from the account), this procedure is done in one day. Then you can get transit numbers. In principle, they can not be received, then the TCP will mark that "no transit has been received." In this case, it will be possible to use the vehicle for five days without any numbers at all.

Next, you need to document the fact of purchase and sale. By the way, before the contract of sale is fully issued, you can travel using the old insurance policy.

You can draw up a purchase and sale document for the vehicle either independently or with the help of specialists. In addition to the basic documents, they will free you from queues and other nuances related to this process. This is the most convenient and much faster option, but the cost of such services is quite high.

If you decide to act on your own, then after you have formalized and signed the contract of sale of the car, you need to buy a new insurance policy, and then put the car on the account in the traffic police, but no later than five days after the purchase of the car.


If the purchased vehicle does not have a TRP coupon, then it must be received within a month from the date of registration of the car. If there is still a valid vehicle inspection certificate, then it needs to be changed if the car's numbers are changed after the purchase.

It is worth noting that many car dealers who have already faced such a procedure before, take a deposit even before the sale of the car. Do not be afraid of this, because the seller simply does not want to risk, thinking that during the process of buying and selling cars you will change your mind about buying it. Just enough to take a receipt from him for any amount.

Well, here are the basic nuances of how to formalize the sale of the car, you are now clear.

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