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Spot from coffee: what to bring out with colored and white clothes. Recommendations and effective ways

Nothing is invigorating like the aroma of fresh coffee. Many residents of our country simply can not imagine their morning awakening without this drink. Each caffeine at least once spilled a couple drops or half a cup of coffee on their own clothes. For sure, this incident made a lot of nervous. What to do if a spot from coffee is formed on your favorite blouse, than to bring it out at home?

First aid to stained things

The success of removing stubborn stains from tissue depends on how quickly measures are taken. Immediately after the drink has been spilled, you can sprinkle the area of contamination with common salt. An alternative option is to immediately soak a thing in warm water. Leave the thing for 10-15 minutes, and then wash it with the usual remedy. You can think that you are lucky if the fabric is linen and the stain from coffee slowly spreads over it . Than to deduce such pollution? Stretch the soiled patch of tissue on a small saucepan or wash basin. Water the stain with steep boiling water until it disappears completely. After that you can start washing. Remember one simple and most important rule: you can not grind fresh coffee stains. If you begin to rub the dirt, you will only achieve that the boundaries of the blob expand, and withdraw it will be even more difficult.

Saving White things

"How to get coffee stains off white clothes?" - a question that worries many housewives. Prepare a soapy solution and soak the affected item for 10 minutes. After this time, rinse clothes thoroughly in solution. Then soak the stain with bleach or any concentrated bleach. Leave for a few minutes, then rinse the clothes in clean water. Repeat rinsing 2-3 times, changing the water. Attention: this method is not suitable for synthetics, silk and wool. The listed fabrics should never be washed with bleaches, which contain chlorine. If you do not know how to remove a stain from coffee from white, try using hydrogen peroxide. Known to everyone antiseptic is an excellent bleach. Wet a cotton swab or cotton swab in hydrogen peroxide and gently treat the contamination. Very soon there will be no trace left of the stain.

Universal ways to remove coffee stains

On delicate tissues, there may also be a stain from coffee. Than to deduce such pollution from a wool or silk? Prepare a saturated soap solution and add in it ammonia alcohol at the rate of 3-5 teaspoons per liter of water. Try to moisten the resulting composition with a cotton swab or a sponge and gently clean the stain. It is impossible to rub, move cautiously with soaking movements from the edge to the center of the contamination. Another recipe stain remover for delicate fabrics: mix alcohol, water and ammonia, observing a 20: 20: 1 ratio. With a cloth or a tampon moistened in the resulting mixture, the spotted item is cleaned sparingly. Clothing made of synthetic fabrics is not difficult to clean. Coffee stains can be removed by soaking a soiled object in water with the addition of alcohol. For 0.5 liters of liquid, you need to add a tablespoon of medical antiseptic solution. You can replace alcohol with vodka, but in this case increase the dosage approximately twice. In a ready-to-use solution, soak the thing and rinse well before washing with powder.

How to remove coffee sprays from your favorite jeans

Jeans - pants, available in the wardrobe for everyone. But what if you stain your favorite pants during breakfast? You can remove the stain from the coffee on the jeans, but it is advisable to take up the rescue of the thing immediately after you have dirty it. Add a few drops of ammonia to the clean water. Dampen the brush in the resulting solution and rub it with dirt. Clean until the stain comes off, after which do not forget to wash your pants. This method of cleaning is suitable not only for jeans, but for any other items of wardrobe and interior, made of denim.

Home textiles and carpets

Spill coffee on the carpet or upholstery sofa - what could be worse? And indeed, the floor covering or soft furniture wash completely is problematic. But do not give in to panic, there is a solution. If you spilled coffee on a carpet or sofa, the first action is to gently blot the stain. You can use paper towels or a regular towel for this purpose. Prepare a home stain remover: for this, dissolve one teaspoon of glycerin in 500 ml of water. The resulting mixture should be well soaked a spot and leave for 10 minutes. Then rinse with clean water and leave to dry. What should I do if there is a stain from the coffee on the carpet? Than to deduce it or him at absence of glycerin near at hand? You can try using water with the addition of ammonia. Not a bad result gives many stain removers of factory production. If your carpet has a very high pile or is made of natural wool, it makes sense to take it to dry cleaning. At home, you hardly remove the stain from such a product, but you can easily spoil it.

Can I remove dried old stains

The most difficult to clean are dry stubborn stains. But if the dirtied thing is really dear to you, try to save it. Soak before washing clothes in a solution of table salt. Leave to soak for at least 2 hours, and preferably for the whole night. After that, wash the thing in hot or warm water, choosing the temperature mode by the type of fabric. Spots of coffee can be withdrawn from the old ones by mixing small-salt table salt and glycerin until a homogeneous gruel is formed. We put this weight on the contamination and leave it for 10-15 minutes, then wash it off and go to the wash.

Effectively with stains of coffee, oxalic acid struggles . Be careful, this product can damage brightly colored fabrics. For white things, oxalic acid is ideal. Dissolve half a teaspoon of active ingredient in a glass of water. Saturate the resulting composition with a stain, after a few minutes rinse the thing well. Popular is also the popular recipe for spotting, prepared from oxalic and citric acid. In this case, a teaspoon of citric acid is added to the above recipe.

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