Paraffin candles: manufacturing technology

Paraffin candles can now be found on sale at any hardware store. Of course, the products of this type of household use are not as popular as in previous centuries. However, sometimes they are still bought in case of a power outage. Decorative candles are realized simply in huge quantities. This version of products can be used to create a romantic atmosphere in the room, for decorating cakes, festive tables, etc.

A bit of history

Where they began to make candles, for certain it is not known. It is believed that the first such products were made in Egypt. At that time, they were made from the core of the cedar. The first official mention of candles refers to the 10th century. BC. E. Some ancient sources contain information about products of this kind, which are containers with a wick inserted in them, filled with a special solution. Solid candles, remotely similar to modern, invented to do the Romans. They folded the papyrus into a tube and dipped it into fat.

For centuries, candles have remained the most common way of lighting rooms. They were often used in various religious rites. By the 13th century. In Europe there were whole guilds of candle makers.

Kinds of candles

Modern industry produces candles:

  1. Household . Are made of unpainted paraffin. Paraffin candle is usually a white translucent color.

  2. Dining rooms . Such candles can be twisted, aromatic or classic.

  3. Hemp . Also have a beautiful appearance. From dining rooms differ only in large diameter.

  4. Church . Can be produced both from paraffin and wax.

  5. Decorative . Such candles are made from colored paraffin and usually have some unusual shape.

  6. Candles on the cake. From the usual differ in that they have a long and thin form.

  7. Tea candles. Produced in the form of tablets.

What equipment is used for production

Paraffin candles can be produced either manually or on a machine. In the first case, special molds for casting are used. They can be made of metal, silicone or plastic. In the manual mode of production, the following is also used:

  1. A special container for melting paraffin, designed on the principle of a water bath.

  2. Scales intended for weighing ingredients.

  3. Water tank. Used for cooling of finished products.

With such a procedure as the production of paraffin candles, stearin can be used as an additional material. Also, owners of small workshops acquire wicks coiled. In the production of decorative paraffin candles, various kinds of beautiful knick-knacks can also be used: beads, shells, dried flowers, etc.

The design of the machine, designed for the production of candles, includes a frame, on which wicks are hung. Candles are obtained after repeated dipping of the latter in paraffin or wax.

How are cast products made?

According to this technology, paraffin candles are made as follows:

  • The wick is drawn through the hole in the mold. A small part of it (about 5 cm) is displayed outside. To set the wick in the center, you can use a match or a paper clip.

  • The mold is installed in a container with a 2-3 cm layer of water poured into it. This is necessary to prevent the contents from escaping.

  • The mold is filled with molten paraffin. Drops on the working surface are wiped off with a rag.

  • A hardening candle is pierced around the filter with a sharp object. This avoids deformation.

  • After solidification, the candle is taken out of the mold. It is not too difficult to do this. During the solidification process, the candle decreases slightly in size.

Features of casting technology

The production of paraffin candles always begins with the lubrication of the mold with oil. This operation is done with both silicone and metal equipment. Instead of oil, a special silicone grease can be used . After melting the paraffin, various dyes and aromatic additives can be added to it. No solid objects (sequins, etc.) in the candle, of course, can not be laid. In the process of using the latter they will light up. Stearin is added to paraffin, usually in a ratio of 1 × 4.

Sometimes it happens that the candle "does not want to" get out of shape. In this case, they act simply. Form with a candle for several minutes put in the freezer.

Technology of manufacturing carvings

In this case, the traditional method of casting candles is somewhat modified. When manufacturing carved articles, paraffin can be used as one color or several. In the latter case, it is preliminarily melted, dyes added to it, and then poured into separate containers. Next, the master dips the candle preform in the first of these bowls, holding it by the filter, and holds for a few seconds. Then the candle is pulled out and lowered into cold water. After that, the workpiece is placed in the next container, etc. As a result of all these manipulations, a very beautiful decorative candle is obtained. The desired shape is attached to it using a tool.

Domestic candle market

In Russia, there are two main types of such products - church and decorative. Candles of both types, as already mentioned, are often made from paraffin. There is in our country and a household segment of this kind of products, but not too big. This group includes household and tea tablets candles.

From the category of decorative candles it is possible to single out a separate variety - gift. Such products are specially prepared for the process of giving and are colorfully drawn up. To the group of decorative are also interior candles, sculptural and souvenir. In addition, separately it is possible to allocate also collection expensive products.

Best producers

There are candles made from paraffin today, many workshops. Such small enterprises can engage in both the mass production of similar products of the same design, and the performance of exclusive works to order. Workshops of this specialization are available in every region of our country. In Moscow, for example, there are such manufacturers of paraffin candles as the company "Aroma of Fire" and the company "Candlewood".

Price categories

Among other things, the Russian candle market can be divided into price segments. The budget class includes products worth 10-30 rubles apiece. Such candles paraffin wholesale from the manufacturer are bought very often. Usually these are economic or tea options. Products of the average price category include products costing from 30 to 200 rubles. It can be gift, interior or souvenir candles. There are also expensive products from 200 to 500 rubles. Usually these are sculpted candles made by hand using a cutter.

Products more expensive than 500 rubles are usually made only to order. For example, the company "Candlewood" produces, among other things, such paraffin candles. Moscow, therefore, is a city whose inhabitants can easily order such a pretty exclusive trinket.

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