Zuevskaya TPP, Donetsk region

Zuevskaya thermal power plant is a large enterprise in the southeast of the Donetsk region. It is part of the structure of the interdisciplinary integrated company DTEK Vostokenergo. The latter includes 10 TPPs, 31 coal mines and 13 mine departments, 7 concentrators, the largest wind power plant in Eastern Europe, and two oil and gas producing companies.

History of Zuevskaya TPP

In the 80s, the rapid development of the Donbass industry required additional power capacities. Considering the richest deposits of coal of various brands in the given territory, the government of the USSR decided to build a number of power stations on local type of fuel.

In particular, forty kilometers east of Donetsk, the construction of a large TPP - Zuevskaya State District Power Station No. 2 - began. Around the industrial facility gradually grew the city of Zugres, in its name repeating the abbreviation station.

ZuGRES-2 (Donetsk region, Ukraine) at the end of the Soviet era included 4 power units and had a capacity of 1175 mW. Subsequently, TPP was privatized, renamed and became part of the assets of businessman Rinat Akhmetov, who owns a stake in Vostokenergo.

The conflict situation in the Donbas resulted in a partial loss of management of the parent company over the Zuevskaya TPP. In March 2017, the authorities of the DNR demanded that the ZuTES be re-registered and an inventory taken. In fact, this means the transition of the station to the government of the DNR. Vostokenergo is looking for ways to resolve an unusual situation. During three years of confrontation, DTEK managed to maintain the efficiency of the enterprise, providing uninterrupted electricity to consumers in Donetsk and other areas.

Energy production

Zuevskaya TPP operates on the so-called coal of gas brands. The raw materials mined in the coal mines of Donbass are supplied by the adjacent divisions of DTEK's parent company. DTEK's key operational indicators ZTTES, mln kWh:



Power generation



Expenditure for own needs,%



Electricity supply




Zuevskaya TPP has four power units with a combined capacity of 1245 mW. The first two were launched in 1982, in 2009 and 2008, respectively, were reconstructed for modern production and environmental requirements. The power unit No. 3 was introduced in 1986, and No. 4 in 1988. All of them underwent modernization with simultaneous capacity expansion.


Block number



Power increase

Total capacity

Working hours




At 25 mW

325 mW

More than 186000 h.




At 20 mW

320 mW

More than 182,000 h.




275 mW

More than 164,000 h.




At 25 mW

325 mW

More than 151,000 h.

Scheduled for 2014/15 years, the reconstruction of the third unit with an increase in power by 25 mW is suspended.


In 2013, DTEK Vostokenergo sent UAH 2486 million for the reconstruction and technical re-equipment of power units of thermal power plants. Modernization allows extending their service life by 10-15 years, increasing the power and range of maneuverability while reducing the specific fuel consumption. Since 2012, DTEK, in the reconstruction of power units, is upgrading the electrostatic precipitators in accordance with Directive 2001/80 / EC.

In particular, by January 2013 the power unit No. 4 of Zuevskaya TPP was modernized. After reconstruction, it is connected to the power system of Ukraine. The renewal of equipment has made it possible to increase the reliability of its operation and to significantly reduce polluting emissions. Investments in the repair of the power unit amounted to 252 million hryvnia.


Donetsk region (Ukraine) is a powerful mining and production cluster, whose enterprises cause significant damage to the ecology of the region. DTEK makes considerable efforts to minimize the negative impact on the environment at all stages of the production process. To maintain the ecological balance, the company is upgrading production, which will ensure the reliability of energy supply and compliance with European environmental standards.

As a result of reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators at DTEK power unit No. 4, Zuevskaya TPP reduced the concentration of dust in emissions to the atmosphere from 317.4 mg / Nm 3 to 44.2 mg / Nm 3 . It is planned to reconstruct other operating power units with the installation of block and station desulfurization of various types, bag filters in the composition of semi-dry desulfurization, non-catalytic and combined nitrogen purification. Within the framework of the project for the construction of a section of the road between Zugres and the landfill site using ash and slag Zuevskaya TPP, a technology was developed for the use of ash-slag materials from ZuTES in road construction.


Zuevskaya TPP continues its work in difficult conditions. Only one of the four power units is functioning regularly. At the same time, the station remains a large (in some regions - the only) generator and supplier of electric power in the Donbass.

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