Konstantinovo: homestead on Lake Seliger

The Novgorod region is famous for its picturesque nature. And of course, in this region there are many comfortable recreation centers. One of the most popular complexes of the region is "Konstantinovo" - a manor located on Lake Seliger. Tourists, who decided to visit this base, are waiting for comfortable rooms, excellent food and lots of various entertainments.

Location Features

There is a manor "Konstantinovo" in the northern part of the largest pond of the lake group Seliger. The distance from it to Moscow is about 350 km, to St. Petersburg - 380 km. Actually Seliger itself is a chain of lakes of different areas, stretching almost 100 km from north to south. All water bodies are connected by picturesque channels.

The shorelines of the Seliger lakes are cut and covered with pine forests. Large water spaces, air saturated with the smell of pine resin - all this creates here simply excellent conditions for rest and recreation.

Holiday Village: Overview

"Konstantinovo" - manor, offering tourists comfortable rooms in chopped, eco-friendly single-story houses. If you wish, you can rent cottages for both families and friendly companies. On all sides the base is surrounded by a pine forest. Actually Lake Seliger itself is within walking distance of the cottages.

Outwardly the complex looks like an old Russian village with good huts. The beach at the base has its own sandy beach. In total, at a time, the complex can accommodate up to 100 tourists. Live on the base is allowed, including with pets. The nearest settlement to the complex is the village of Zykovshchina.

Rooms to rent

If desired, tourists can rent on the basis of "Konstantinov Manor" (Seliger) rooms of the standard, family or luxury. For the convenience of the guests, the following rooms are provided in the rooms:

  • TV;
  • washbasin.

Each room has its own shower room and a balcony (or terrace). In triple standard rooms, among other things, there is a sofa. The family rooms have a lounge and two adjoining bedrooms. In the suites, tourists can use the living room, two large rooms with beds and a soft corner. There are no refrigerators in the base rooms, unfortunately.


Of course, "Konstantinovo" - a manor that has all sorts of amenities, including directly on the territory. For tourists in this complex are provided:

  • Guarded parking lot;
  • Billiard room;
  • Russian bath with access to the lake;
  • Rental of sports equipment.

The bathhouse, located on the territory of the complex, is designed for simultaneous visits to 15 people. Immediately after the steam room, vacationers have the opportunity to take a dip in the lake or take a shower.

Also on the territory of the base there is a horse yard. Walks in the surrounding forests on horseback in winter and summer are very popular among the guests of the complex.

In the rental of sports equipment on this base you can rent a water bike, scooter, boat, etc. The staff of the center includes, among other things, instructors in fishing and hunting.


"Konstantinovo" - a farmstead (a photo of its picturesque territory is represented on the page), you can rent rooms with a boarding house. In the complex, surrounded by tall pines, a chopped restaurant was built.

The menu of this establishment includes mostly traditional Russian dishes. Also here is honey, obtained from its own apiary base and grown there and vegetables and herbs. If you wish, the complex's restaurant can be rented for a jubilee, a holiday, a corporate party, etc.

Cost of living

"Konstantinovo" - the manor is relatively inexpensive. The price for renting rooms on the base is not too high. Depending on the category of rooms, the cost of living per day per person without meals can be 1500-1800 rubles. For additional space you need to pay 850 rubles.

Children under 5 years can live in the complex for free. For children 5-8 years, a discount of 20% is provided, and 8-12 years - 10%. Three meals a day in the restaurant costs about 950 r. Per person per day.

Opinion of holidaymakers about the complex

The base "Konstantinova Usadba" reviews tourists deserved different - both good and not very good. Some people like this place, others think that resting people here could be provided with more comfortable living conditions.

On the positive sides of this base, tourists are considered beautiful nature, tasty food in the dining room, the opportunity to sunbathe and swim in the lake. To the shortcomings of the complex, many of his former guests include not too polite attitude of the staff and not particularly careful cleaning in the rooms.

How to get there

From Moscow to the base you can get there by moving along the Novorizhskoe highway through Volokolamsk and Selizharovo. At the entrance to Ostashkov, turn right (near the village of Zalesye). Then you need to go through such settlements as Pokrovskoe, Grinino, Krasuha, Orekhovo, Polesie, Polnovo. Then turn right towards the villages of Lavrovo and Zykovshchina.

You can also reach the base along the Leningradskoye Shosse. In this case, you must first get to the city of Valdai, and then to the settlement of Yazhelbitsy. Here, turn left at the sign for Demyanovsk. Having passed this city, it is necessary again to turn to the left towards the village of Istoshino. Behind this settlement it is necessary to move to the village of Polnovo and, before reaching it about one kilometer, take a direction to the villages of Lavrovo and Zykovshchina.

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