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Sauce for rice

One of the most popular side dishes today is rice. This incredibly popular product is added to many dishes. It has become almost indispensable for most housewives. However, not every one of them is able to weld and serve it properly.

The main highlight of this dish is the sauce. To the rice you can pick them incredibly much - each time you get a stunning, unique taste. This dish will never get bored.

Sauce for rice can be cooked in large quantities. It is stored in the refrigerator for up to three days, while its taste does not change. This is very convenient, especially for busy housewives.

The main dressing for rice is prepared on the basis of soy sauce. To do this, finely chop onions and carrots and fry in oil. When the vegetables are ready, you need to add three tablespoons of soy sauce and a little put out. Such a dressing will suit any type of rice and even rolls.

The original taste has a green sauce to the rice. For cooking, you will need two tablespoons of white wine sauce, three tablespoons of crumbs of white bread, three sprigs of parsley, a teaspoon of capers, one cooked yolk, two anchovies, two cloves of garlic, five tablespoons of oil (preferably olive) and salt.

Capers, garlic and anchovies finely chopped. Pour the breadcrumbs with wine vinegar and let it brew for a few minutes. Then combine with yolk and mix. All ingredients are mixed. The oil is added last. In order for this sauce to rice has acquired a rich taste, he needs to give a little bit of his own.

If you want something original, then prepare a nut-mushroom sauce. It consists of flour, butter, milk, mushrooms, onions, pickles, capers, meat broth, balsamic vinegar, crushed peanuts, sugar, salt, greens.

The flour must be heated in a frying pan until golden brown. Add the onions in butter. Add mushrooms and capers to it, put out. When the mixture is ready, put the nuts, milk, broth and vinegar into the frying pan. Put it out a little. Add greens and peppers. This gravy to rice will be a pleasant surprise for your household.

As a rule, any side dish is served with meat, fish or poultry. An unforgettable taste experience will give you a Creole sauce for fish and rice. It is made from fresh tomatoes, sweet pepper, onions, olives, white wine, vegetable oil, black pepper and salt.

To begin with, you need to scald tomatoes, pre-puncture them. Then they must be peeled and cut into slices. Further they are extinguished to softness, wipe through a sieve and beat with a mixer.

Sliced sweet peppers and onions are fried in oil. Add the above described tomato puree and chopped olives. All this is filled with wine, pepper and salt. The resulting sauce is cooked on low heat under the lid for about 15 minutes.

This sauce is suitable for dinner with the family, and for the festive table. It is served in beautiful saunas. Decorate the dish can be a sprig of parsley.

Knowing these simple recipes, you can easily diversify even the most familiar menu.

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