Rest in Astrakhan, on the Caspian Sea: fishing base of rest "Dubravushka"

The cities of Russia on the richness of flora and fauna will make healthy competition for almost any overseas resort. Mother Nature generously endowed the native land with great blessings, which we enjoy with pleasure and are proud of. Increasingly, our compatriots choose the Caspian capital, Astrakhan, for their holidays. The neighborhood of the city has long been considered a paradise for fishermen and hunters.

Rest in Astrakhan, the Caspian Sea and the Volga River, is popular all year round. The coast of the huge lake is strewn with fine sand, surrounded by lush vegetation and relic plantations. In addition, the territory is concentrated a lot of mud and mineral springs, which are known for their high healing power. Unlike the Black Sea resorts, the Astrakhan beaches are not crowded with people, which gives an opportunity for privacy and relaxation.

Where to stay?

Near the coast of the Caspian Sea, numerous residential buildings have been built, from economy class to luxury apartments. It is easy to find an acceptable option of living, coming to the city of Astrakhan. Rest (the private sector is most popular with budget tourists) at the resort is characterized by its accessibility and convenience. Owners of apartments and houses offer to rent a room or a small house near the sea shore for any period.

Mostly, cleaning is included in the price. Friendly tenants often offer a guide. If such housing does not suit you and your goal is fishing, then choose a recreation center somewhere in the country. Almost all tourist complexes are equipped with parking, pavilions with barbecue facilities and a Russian bath.

You can take the necessary fishing gear for fishing. To combine active rest with the cultural and entertaining program the "Dubravushka" base offers its guests. This is an excellent option for a family weekend with children along the banks of the Volga River.

Fishing Recreation Center "Dubravushka" (Astrakhan)

Near the center of the city settled a cozy complex, designed for a multi-age audience. With joy and hospitality, he opens his doors all year round and offers an extensive list of services. Rest in Astrakhan (on the Caspian Sea, on the basis of "Dubravushka") makes it possible to isolate yourself from the endless rhythm of a megacity and feel part of the surrounding nature.

In any season for the guests organized sea cruises, unforgettable fishing, hunting, walks through the protected places of the Volga River delta. You will see for yourself how the lotus grows, feed waterfowl, get acquainted with the biosphere reserve.

Accommodation options

Rest in Astrakhan, on the Caspian Sea, will please any traveler, especially if you stop at the "Dubravushka" base. The peak of tourists falls on the summer months, so it is recommended to make a reservation in advance of the suitable number.

For the guests the following categories of rooms will be offered:

  • Number of the 1st category, calculated for 4 people. This is a spacious apartment with a separate lounge (living room) and a bedroom. There is also a small corridor with furniture, a separate toilet and a bathroom with a shower. The room is equipped with air conditioning, which works on heat / cold. In the living room you will find a flat-screen TV with a DVD player. The apartments are ideal for a couple with children.
  • Number 2 category, consisting of a bedroom and a corridor. Furnished with soft furniture and appliances. In an individual use a bathroom. There is an electric kettle, a set of dishes, a compact refrigerator.
  • Number 3-rd category (double), an exact copy of the previous room.
  • Summer cottages for two guests with a view of the picturesque green park. The house has the necessary furniture, air conditioning. However, the toilet and shower are located in a separate building.

Catering services

Several institutions are built on the territory, where they are tasty and satisfying. It should be noted that the recreation center "Dubravushka" (Astrakhan) does not provide food, it will have to be paid separately. The cafeterias of the complex are quite roomy, with live music, a karaoke room, a banquet room and a summer terrace. The menu is full of a wide variety of dishes. Here you will be treated with freshly baked fish according to the recipe of the chef, and you will also taste local wine and beer.

On the basis of growing fruits, vegetables and all kinds of greens especially for guests. With a great desire, tourists can personally make food on the barbecue grill or barbecue. For these purposes, there are gazebos with benches and a table. The necessary household utensils and dishes are given for rent.

Service and Entertainment

Recently, vacation in Astrakhan reviews are positive. Local residents and nonresident tourists say that it is difficult to find the best places on earth, especially to avid fishermen. The tributaries and the Eriks of the Volga are full of large trophies. This is why they come here from other regions.

In winter and summer it is possible to catch perch, catfish, carp, pike, pike perch, vobla or roach. Even a child will not go without a fish. Only in these places it is possible to catch two-meter sturgeon and beluga, weighing up to 200 kg. To help fishermen provide fishing rods, spinning, motor boats and other equipment.

Rest in Astrakhan, on the Caspian Sea, is still an expanse for young children. On the basis of a game area built in the open air with carousels, colorful characters. Many sports grounds and paths for active pursuits. For adults - table tennis, billiard room, outdoor pool, massage room, beauty salon. Organized trips outside the complex for outstanding objects of the city.

What do tourists say about rest in Astrakhan?

Reviews in general about the city are filled with positive. The mass of indelible impressions of what he has seen remains in memory for life. The atmosphere of benevolence contributes to a complete immersion into the world of carelessness and comfort. Successful fishing walks give rest fullness.

A busy weekend program awaits you at the Dubravushka complex (Astrakhan). Rest on the sea (feedback on the base rave), according to most people, is unlikely to compare with the fishing corner on the Volga. Picturesque landscapes, rich history of the region, interesting leisure are only a small part of what awaits you in Astrakhan.

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