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Recreation center "Arkada" (Berdyansk): description and reviews

Recreation center "Arkada" (Berdyansk) is a good opportunity to have a budget rest on the Sea of Azov in Ukraine, having received maximum comfort and pleasure. This tourist complex was completely reconstructed in two thousand and twelve. And recently (2014-2016) there were still completed three new buildings. The base is constantly being improved to meet the requirements of holidaymakers. Reviews about it are mostly positive.


This sandy strip stretches for an entire eighteen kilometers, separating the Berdyansk Bay from the Sea of Azov. It is located on the territory of the national park, because this is one of the most environmentally friendly places in the district. There is a huge variety of plants that you can not see anywhere else, and in the thickets there are many birds and animals, for example, a reed cat.

Why is the address of our resort complex officially sounds like "recreation center" Arcade ", Berdyansk"? Yes, because the spit is administratively a district of the city. On this sandy promontory, built up from time immemorial health complexes and children's camps, the road passes. But do not think that in the air is a foul affliction. Cars are prohibited from parking in any place, except for specially designated parking lots, most often on the territory of sanatoriums and boarding houses.

Where is the territory, services

This tourist complex is located in the most convenient location of such a resort as Berdyansk. "Arcade" is a recreation center, which is located near the bus stop, the amusement park, the sea, the market and the supermarket. This is one of the most convenient places for tourists on a spit. The territory of the base is about five square kilometers. It is well thought out, clean, green and extremely cozy. The territory is guarded, camcorders are arranged everywhere. There is a parking for the needs of guests. There is a doctor's office, which can be contacted if necessary.

For children there are two modern playgrounds. The administration can provide a shuttle service to the airport or train station. Wi-Fi is available on site. From sports entertainments there is a volleyball court, table tennis, an exercise room. On weekends children are entertained by animators. You can rent bicycles, and at the entrance to the base - trampolines and electric cars for small guests.


In total recreation center "Arcada" (Berdyansk) has seven buildings. One of them is built of brick, and six - of wood. The buildings of the base are single, double and triple. In all, there are fifty-three rooms in the buildings. In each room for guests there are air conditioners, TVs with satellite channels, small refrigerators, bathrooms with shower cabins, nice furniture, clean bed linen and towels.

Rooms are cozy, hot and cold water is available all the time. In most cases, the rooms are covered with wood, which creates an additional impression of coziness. Children under five live free if they do not require additional space. Everywhere there are balconies or verandas (on the lower floors) with a table and chairs. Some rooms are two-room, designed for a company of three or four people, as well as families. There are luxury rooms with a living area and hallways. Special house type "VIP" for a family or a company of six people is a two-storey building with a kitchen, hallway, bathroom and living room downstairs, two bedrooms and another shower room at the top. It is rented for a long-term stay (from two weeks).


Rest on the base provides breakfast, lunch and dinner in the dining room. This is a dining room with a terrace in the air, decorated in an ethnic Ukrainian style. The menu includes salads, snacks, different side dishes, meat and fish. A lot of dairy products for breakfast, including sour cream, yogurts. Most tourists are fed on a "buffet", so they have a big choice. But for those who want to cook on their own, there is a fully equipped kitchen. It is designed mainly for mothers with children.

On the seashore, a cafe is open, if you want a snack, without taking a break from the beach holiday. There you can try soft drinks, especially branded lemonade, which is cooked by chefs on the base. There are also wine at the cafe for bottling and cocktails "with a degree". Work on the territory of two more bars with very affordable prices for the resort.

Beach, sea

Just a few meters from the place where the recreation center "Arkada" (Berdyansk) is built, waves splash, gulls scream, and children play in the sand. Resting here, you will constantly hear the sound of the sea. The beach at the base is own, guarded. Here every day is cleaned. The beach is equipped with stationary umbrellas, sun loungers and sun loungers. On the territory of the base there is still a large swimming pool, working from nine in the morning to twenty-one hours.

Recreation center "Arkada" (Berdyansk): reviews

The tourists who rested here did not have any complaints about the quality of service or food. On the contrary, they all thanked the administration for their care. Many people come to this base not for the first time. Portions in the dining room are large, the food is fresh, the food is delicious, and even such gimmicks, like children, are satisfied.

For a family holiday with kids, this is probably the best place on the Berdyansk spit. A great beach, there are no problems with sunbeds, and there are practically no noisy companies that so often spoil vacation. The base is very suitable for people who came to rest from worries, do not think about food and do not want crowds on the beach. The staff is very friendly and does a good job. Recreation center "Arkada" (Berdyansk) is an indicator that in Ukraine there can be mini-hotels of the same level as in Turkey.

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