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Christmas in France: date, history, features of celebration and tradition. What day in France do they celebrate Christmas?

The most important and expected holiday in France, as in most countries, is Christmas. Preparing for it begin at least a month. On the one hand, it is a religious holiday, but it is celebrated by people of any religion. Most of all, children are waiting for this day, because when there is such a unique opportunity to wake up early in the morning and discover under the beautiful sparkling Christmas tree gifts?

The overall picture of the holiday

Christmas in France is celebrated for one month: from 6 December to 6 January. Many rightfully consider this period to be the most magical and fabulous, and are in its expectation all year. So, what day is Christmas in France? The holiday itself is celebrated on December 25. If you visit the country at this time, you can immerse yourself in an incredibly hospitable atmosphere of celebration and fun. All the streets begin to play with new colors, various light bulbs and snowflakes are shining everywhere. Firs stand wherever possible: in apartments, shops, on the streets and even in the porches. So beautiful and bright is Christmas in France. The day passes very quickly, the people in anticipation of the holiday are in a hurry to buy gifts to all their relatives and friends. Careful approach to the choice of gifts for children, because they most expect a miracle. If you ask any resident of this country: "On which day in France is the Christmas holiday?", Then you will certainly be given an answer, because it is very important. There is such a tradition - to put shoes on the fireplace to Santa Claus during the night visit left them some gift for good behavior.

In addition to celebrations in the family, on the streets and in public places, various events related to Christmas are also held. In all the cathedrals, festive concerts begin in a few days. But the main Christmas service is held in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Parizha. On the main street of Paris, which is called the Champs Elysees, there are mass festivities. The magic Christmas holiday in France continues even at night, although you can not immediately tell that it was dark outside, because everything is decorated with such a huge number of garlands and lanterns that it becomes light as in the day.

Family celebration

Christmas in France is usually celebrated exclusively in the family circle. If in some countries the exchange of postcards is considered an optional formality, here without it there is nowhere. In all cities, except Paris, there are no mass festivities. The only thing that takes the French out this evening on the street is the launch of fireworks. Usually all members of the family gather at the Christmas tree at a Christmas dinner, which is called a rewhelon. In this country, even a standard Christmas menu consisting of seven dishes is indicated:

  • Soup with sage and garlic;
  • Spinach or cod;
  • Olives;
  • Fried fish;
  • Celery in anchovy oil;
  • Snails;
  • Goose liver.

In anticipation of the holidays, farmers begin active preparation. They have a lot of work, because the demand for geese, turkeys, pigs grows very much.

In addition to the above dishes, the table is also supplemented with the best wine, champagne, truffles and foie gras. Poultry meat is an obligatory part of the festive table. That's what day in France celebrate Christmas. Everything passes quietly and peacefully.

Christmas log

The French have an unusual tradition, which is to prepare a Christmas log. They believe that this procedure will help them improve the quality of the crop, that the sawn trunk has magic. The tree for a log is selected by the fruit. The fruits of oak and beech are the main food of peasants, as well as cattle. So the spillage trunks, people believe that in this way they improve their future fertility. In some areas, Christmas logs are used even as a place for a gift. Most of all, it is used for children, it contains various sweets or fruits. In Russia, the traditional New Year's film is "The Irony of Fate", and in France - "Santa Claus is a scumbag".

The symbol of Eli

Christmas in France is symbolized by a tree such as spruce. He is the personification of life and has been the object of worship for many years. But it was not so long ago that it was an integral part of the Christmas festivals. The French adopted this tradition from Germany. But it did not take root immediately, but gradually, when each region took this custom one by one. And today they can not imagine this holiday without a Christmas tree. Now these trees are specially grown for the Christmas period. In ancient times, many people worshiped trees, today the situation begins to resemble something like this: people decorate firs using the most beautiful decorations. No central square of any French even the smallest town will not do without a chicly decorated Christmas tree. In what house you go, everywhere it will be, maybe not even one. The production of various decorations for Christmas trees is given special attention. Counters are full of toys for all tastes. In ancient times, the trees were decorated with fruits, most often apples. But how did people change to other ornaments? It turns out that in 1858 there were very few apples because of an unsuccessful crop and had to replace them with glass toys. This tradition has survived to this day.

Christmas day nursery

Another of the Christmas traditions is the reproduction of the Nativity scene . Set such scenery in churches and homes, but it was not always so. Initially, nurseries were established exclusively in churches, until wealthy aristocrats began to do it at home. Now absolutely any person can do it. Since the 19th century, active release of figures of saints began. In many cities there are masters who manually paint wonderful toys with their images. This tradition is not only French, but also all-European. Probably, there is at least one statuette in each house, regardless of whether the religious family is or not.

Feast of Fools and Kings

From 1 to 6 January, the Feast of Fools takes place. They are carnivals organized by Mr. Disorder, which is the most important fool in the district. On January 6, the Feast of the Kings takes place. This is already a family event. Especially for him, almond cake is traditionally prepared, which is dyed with a crown made of paper. Also make another small crown and bake it inside. The one to whom it gets gets the right to become king or kingsa for one day. What day in France celebrate Christmas specifically? In prinipe, the holiday lasts for all 30 days.

Christmas Markets

Almost all cities host Christmas markets. They last about the end of November until December 24. In very small towns, markets open only for a couple of days, preferably on weekends. This event is a set of decorated tents, standing in a row. Usually they sell candy, cookies, different sweets, mulled wine, Christmas decorations, crafts. In fact, the assortment of the tent depends on the region in which it is located. But in any case, this tradition only adds a festive mood, because here everything is very beautifully decorated and organized. And there you can buy some unusual gifts or souvenirs. Like the holiday itself, the tradition of markets migrated from German culture.

Boxing Day

The first day of the New Year has the official name - Boxing Day. This Christmas holiday in France is also actively celebrated. This tradition is borrowed from the Romans, who prepared each other gifts from figs, dates and honey, which meant the wishes of a sweet life in the new year. But over time, customs have changed, and people begin to give silver coins and medals. Thus, grandparents give their grandchildren money. A well-established tradition on this day is to leave some amount of money for relatives, which the postman, concierge or someone else will give them. Also on this day all relatives, friends and friends exchange vows and wishes.

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