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Moscow Youth Speak Against Extremism

Moscow youth will oppose

The project of the Department of Family and Youth Policy in Moscow "Caution: Extremism!" Is an attempt to stop the incitement of ethnic hatred in the Moscow youth environment. The program started this month.

Not for the first year Moscow is one of the largest sites in Russia, where the inciting ethnic hatred is incited, aggressive extremist attitudes of young people are manifested. The project "Caution: Extremism!", Conducted by the Department of Family and Youth Policy in Moscow, is another attempt to understand the reasons for confrontation and hostility between young people of different nationalities, to take steps to ensure that the world's pipe is still lit.

The beginning of the program was the discussion "Causes of extremism in the youth environment." Representatives of national diasporas, experts in the field of interethnic and interdenominational relations, highly qualified lawyers were searching for answers to the disputed questions.

The project "Caution: extremism!" Is designed for young people, so the presentation of the event was decided in the form of an exciting game "Diversity and Tolerance". In addition, the children will be shown a video about the fight against extremist manifestations in the youth environment.

During the implementation of the project, everyone can get a lot of useful
Information, while studying at the courses "In the world with yourself and others." According to the organizers, lectures on the actual problem of national extremism should be visited by about two thousand people. All students of the program "In the world with themselves and others" will be issued certificates that confirm the fact of the training.

One of the most interesting stages of the project "Caution: Extremism!" Will be
Contest of scenarios for the social video "". Purpose of writing
Scenarios - the promotion of a tolerant attitude towards others. Qualified specialists will evaluate the results of the work of the children.

Creative contest "Together ..." will allow young people to fully
Demonstrate their creativity: create photographs, essays, collages, reflecting the experience of Soviet times, when people of different nationalities built trunks together, entered higher education institutions, flew into space, fought ...

The large-scale project of the round table will be completed, which is planned to be held under the slogan "Extremism will not pass." Representatives of diasporas, youth and authorities will take part in the discussion of the problem of national extremism. A colorful detail of the "round table" will be a demonstration of the works of the participants in the creative competition "Together ...".

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